3.3 Phonics review
  • 1. I can see stars in the sky at ________.
A) nyte
B) nit
C) night
  • 2. I made a fake animal out of clay to _______ to my mom.
A) giv
B) give
C) gev
  • 3. I have to _______ my pets after school.
A) fed
B) fide
C) feed
  • 4. In winter I get so _________ I put on my hat and mittens.
A) cod
B) cold
C) cud
  • 5. I want to eat a sweet slice of _______ after lunch.
A) pye
B) pie
C) qie
  • 6. My friend caught a smart __________ in a jar.
A) fie
B) fli
C) fly
  • 7. On warm days I like to _______ play at the park.
A) goe
B) go
C) gue
  • 8. Did you know that some animals __________ all winter!
A) sleep
B) slep
C) seep
  • 9. After I got up a little girl took my ________.
A) set
B) sit
C) seat
  • 10. Your _______ is inside your head and helps you learn new things.
A) bran
B) bain
C) brain
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