Samuel Aba
  • 1. In which century did Samuel Aba live?
A) 6th century
B) 17th century
C) 19th century
D) 11th century
  • 2. What was Samuel Aba's nationality?
A) Hungarian
B) Australian
C) French
D) Indian
  • 3. Which royal title did Samuel Aba hold?
A) Baron
B) King
C) Duke
D) Earl
  • 4. Who was Samuel Aba's famous predecessor?
A) William the Conqueror
B) Cleopatra
C) Genghis Khan
D) Stephen I of Hungary
  • 5. Where was Samuel Aba coronated as king?
A) Székesfehérvár
B) Athens
C) Rome
D) Paris
  • 6. Who defeated Samuel Aba in battle in 1041?
A) Joan of Arc
B) Julius Caesar
C) Peter Orseolo
D) Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 7. Which historical event marked the end of Samuel Aba's reign?
A) The Moon Landing
B) The Industrial Revolution
C) The Battle of Ménfő
D) The French Revolution
  • 8. Who was Samuel Aba's most trusted advisor?
A) Merlin
B) Vata
C) Socrates
D) Sun Tzu
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