Letitia Christian Tyler
  • 1. Letitia Christian Tyler was the wife of which U.S. president?
A) Thomas Jefferson
B) Abraham Lincoln
C) John Tyler
D) Andrew Jackson
  • 2. How many children did Letitia Christian Tyler have with John Tyler?
A) 9
B) 3
C) 5
D) 7
  • 3. In which year did Letitia Christian Tyler pass away?
A) 1865
B) 1842
C) 1910
D) 1799
  • 4. What was the cause of Letitia Christian Tyler's death?
A) Cancer
B) Stroke
C) Pneumonia
D) Heart attack
  • 5. What was Letitia Christian Tyler's husband's occupation before becoming president?
A) Doctor
B) Lawyer
C) Farmer
D) Military General
  • 6. What was Letitia Christian Tyler's first language?
A) Russian
B) English
C) French
D) German
  • 7. In which state did Letitia Christian Tyler spend most of her childhood?
A) New York
B) Florida
C) California
D) Virginia
  • 8. Letitia Christian Tyler was known for her exceptional skills in playing which musical instrument?
A) Piano
B) Trumpet
C) Violin
D) Harp
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