Vocabulary Unit 3 week 5
  • 1. Do you _______what to do if a dangerous storm hits us?
A) movements
B) country
C) understand
  • 2. We _________ when Freddy won the race.
A) rhythm
B) cheered
C) didn't
  • 3. The song had a fast _______ that was hard to clap to.
A) live
B) rhythm
C) concert
  • 4. Makayla tried to copy the ________ of the dancer.
A) beautiful
B) movements
C) music
  • 5. All the children sang at the _______ last night.
A) sounds
B) turned
C) concert
  • 6. I like to listen to __________when I ride in the car.
A) music
B) understand
C) come
  • 7. Is the violin your favorite string _________.
A) instrument
B) America
C) movement
  • 8. We heard strange ___________ coming from the old house.
A) turned
B) sounds
C) understand
  • 9. The weather is ___________ today.
A) began
B) beautiful
C) sounds
  • 10. My little brother can _________ a tree like a monkey!
A) concert
B) turned
C) climb
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