Charlemagne takes Rome from Byzantine rulers
  • 1. Who ruled the Byzantine Empire when Rome was taken by Charlemagne?
A) Constantine the Great
B) Justinian I
C) Leo III
D) Irene of Athens
  • 2. What was Charlemagne's title after taking Rome?
A) Pope
B) Holy Roman Emperor
C) Emperor of Byzantium
D) King of France
  • 3. What city did Charlemagne make the capital of his empire?
A) Paris
B) Constantinople
C) Aachen
D) Rome
  • 4. Who crowned Charlemagne as Emperor in Rome?
A) Pope Leo III
B) Pope Urban II
C) Pope Innocent III
D) Pope Gregory I
  • 5. What title did Charlemagne use before becoming Emperor?
A) Prince of Bavaria
B) King of the Franks
C) Earl of Saxony
D) Duke of Burgundy
  • 6. Which language did Charlemagne promote during his reign?
A) Arabic
B) Greek
C) Germanic
D) Latin
  • 7. Who was Charlemagne's father?
A) Charles Martel
B) Pepin the Short
C) Louis the Pious
D) Clovis I
  • 8. Charlemagne's reign is known as the Carolingian _________________.
A) Renaissance
B) Revolution
C) Enlightenment
D) Reformation
  • 9. What was the name of Charlemagne's military campaigns against the Saxons?
A) Viking Raids
B) Hundred Years' War
C) Crusades
D) Saxon Wars
  • 10. Who succeeded Charlemagne as Emperor of the Franks?
A) Louis the Pious
B) Carloman
C) Charlemagne II
D) Pepin the Hunchback
  • 11. What year did Charlemagne die?
A) 814
B) 732
C) 867
D) 899
  • 12. Charlemagne's takeover of Rome strengthened which institution's power in Europe?
A) Byzantine Empire
B) Viking Tribes
C) Holy Roman Empire
D) Papacy
  • 13. Charlemagne's conquest of Rome contributed to the revival of which type of learning in Europe?
A) Druidic
B) Arabic
C) Norse
D) Classical
  • 14. Charlemagne's conquest of Rome established closer ties between the Papacy and which European dynasty?
A) Carolingian
B) Merovingian
C) Hohenstaufen
D) Capetian
  • 15. Which ruler of the Lombards did Charlemagne defeat to incorporate their kingdom into his empire?
A) Aistulf
B) Desiderius
C) Agilulf
D) Alboin
  • 16. Which Carolingian scholar played a key role in intellectual revival in Europe after Charlemagne's conquest of Rome?
A) Einhard
B) Peter of Pisa
C) Alcuin
D) Notker the Stammerer
  • 17. Which religious order was favored and supported by Charlemagne after taking control of Rome?
A) Jesuits
B) Franciscans
C) Benedictines
D) Dominicans
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