JTDH Comprehension Quiz (Ch 1-4)
  • 1. What is the name of Jeremy's art teacher?
A) Mr. Martinez
B) Mr. Hutton
C) Mr. Kravitz
D) Mr. Elives
  • 2. Who writes a note to Jeremy during art class?
A) Howard
B) Mary Lou
C) Freddy
D) Specimen
  • 3. Where does Jeremy Thatcher live?
A) Pigeon Forge
B) Mountain View
C) Blodgett's Crossing
D) Sleepy Hollow
  • 4. Who is the proprietor of the magic shop?
A) Mr. Kravitz
B) Mr. Martinez
C) Miss Priest
D) S.H. Elives
  • 5. How much does Jeremy pay for the multi-hued sphere?
A) one dollar
B) a dime
C) fifty cents
D) a quarter
  • 6. What instructions does Jeremy get with his purchase?
A) "How to Raise Cats and Dogs"
B) "How to Get From Here to There"
C) "How to Draw a Still LIfe Picture"
D) "How to Hatch a Dragon's Egg"
  • 7. What is one of the things necessary to wake the egg?
A) light from the setting sun
B) light from the noon sun
C) thunder
D) full moon's light
  • 8. Who helps Jeremy with his dragon research at the library?
A) Mary Lou
B) Specimen
C) Miss Priest
D) Mr. Elives
  • 9. What two things are needed for the egg to be ready to hatch?
A) the light of a full moon and the words of a true friend
B) a wizard and a magic spell
C) an incubator and a soft nest
D) a rainbow and a mythical song
  • 10. A dragon needs good care if it is to survive. All of the following things are important ways to take care of a dragon EXCEPT:
A) Each dragon must be given a name as soon as possible, although it is born with a secret name.
B) You must feed dragons small pieces of meat until it is able to hunt for itself.
C) You must take the dragon for daily walks so it can get exercise.
D) You need to avoid extreme agitation while raising the dragon as it will be sensitive to your feelings.
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