__1. addendA. a closed curve with the same distance from the center
__2. additionB. points forming a straight path extending in both directions
__3. additive comparisonC. number being added
__4. arithmetic patternsD. arrangement of symbols in rows and columns
__5. arrayE. operation combining objects together (+)
__6. circleF. a specified number or amount
__7. lineG. ordered list of objects or events
__8. quantityH. finding the unknown addend in a subtraction problem
__9. sequenceI. difference between quantities
__10. unknown addendJ. sequence of numbers by adding a fixed number between each
__11. associative propertyA. add or multiply numbers in any order for same result
__12. commutative propertyB. add or multiply any two numbers in any order for same result
__13. comparisonC. how the size or order is the =, < , or >
__14. composite numberD. numbers show position on a line, graph, or map
__15. coordinateE. a(b+c) = a x b + a x c
__16. coordinate planeF. number with more than 2 factors of one and itself
__17. corresponding termsG. number sentence wtih two equal (=) expressions
__18. distributive propertyH. determined by an x-axis and y-axis
__19. divisionI. terms having the the same ordered position in a sequence
__20. equationJ. operation that tells how many groups or how many in each
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