Topic 1 - Math Vocab
__1. Absolute ValueA. Two numbers that have a sum of 0
__2. Additive InverseB. Distance from 0 on the number line
__3. Complex FractionC. Fraction with a fraction in numerator, denominator, or both
__4. IntegerD. Decimal that repeats the same digit, or block of digits
__5. Multiplicative inverseE. Answer in a division problem
__6. ProductF. A decimal that ends in zero, no remainder
__7. QuotientG. Number expressed as a/b where a & b are integers, b ≠ 0
__8. Rational numberH. Answer in a multiplication problem
__9. Repeating decimalI. Two numbers whose product is 1, also known as reciprocals
__10. Terminating decimalJ. All counting numbers, their opposites and 0
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