AIC JS 3 PVS Revision Test
  • 1. 1. A market where shares can be traded is known as _________
A) Stock exchange
B) Port
C) Depot
D) Mart
  • 2. 2. _______ is a unit of stock that expresses ownership between a company and a holder
A) Share
B) Bear
C) Bull
D) Stock
  • 3. 3. The representative of a share holder in stock exchange is ________
A) Investor
B) Proprietor
C) Spectator
D) Broker
  • 4. 4. The capital raised by a cooperate organisation through sale to part owners is _______
A) Commission
B) Good
C) Shore
D) Stock
  • 5. 5. Share holders have the right to vote in electing the board of directors in stock exchange
A) False
B) True
  • 6. 6. One of these is meant to supply major nutrients to the body
A) Meal
B) Juice
C) Junk
D) Snacks
  • 7. 7. Snacks includes _______
A) Jollof rice
B) Chips
C) Dough nut
D) Porridge
  • 8. 8. One of these in not a type of meal
A) Lunch
B) Dinner
C) Snacks
D) Break fast
  • 9. 9. ______ is formed when water is added to flour to have a sticky feel
A) Mill
B) Dough
C) Drink
D) Chip
  • 10. 10. What is the colour of a boiled rice?
A) White
B) Brown
C) Green
D) Red
  • 11. 11. Syrup, slice, extract, flavour and chip are terms in food
A) Marketing
B) Harvesting
C) Preparation
D) Storage
  • 12. 12. One of these must be durable enough to keep food undamaged
A) Measurement
B) Advert
C) Slogan
D) Packaging
  • 13. 13. Consumers are kings because they are the targets in a production and marketing system
A) False
B) True
  • 14. 14. One of these is the most important step in food marketing
A) Food packaging
B) Being at the right market
C) Advertising
D) Pricing
  • 15. 15. Which of these can most easily attract a consumer in the market?
A) Product
B) Price
C) Package
D) Advert
  • 16. 16. An organisational programme a country uses to help producers sell their products across national boundaries is
A) Foreign exchange
B) Extension service
C) Stock exchange
D) Export promotion
  • 17. 17. The body responsible for export promotion in Nigeria is _______
  • 18. 18. Nigeria export the following farm produce
A) Processed food
B) Food crop
C) None
D) Cash crop
  • 19. 19. Export promotion does not attract foreign exchange
A) False
B) True
  • 20. 20. One way by which government can encourage exportation in Nigeria exclude ________
A) Improving extension service
B) Issuance of credit facility
C) Offering incentive
D) High export duties
  • 21. 21. The control of food activities, equipments and handlers in order to ensure human health is _______
A) Food preparation
B) Food marketing
C) Food sustainability
D) Food management
  • 22. 22. Unhygienic food handling can create a way for microbes and cause food borne illnessess
A) True
B) False
  • 23. 23. Food that get spoilt before the expiry date are indicators of
A) Proper storage
B) Poor handling
C) Good hygiene
D) Proper sealing
  • 24. 24. Food borne illnesses can lead human to all but one
A) Death
B) None
C) Poverty
D) Illness
  • 25. 25. A safety agent or officer is saddled with the following responsibilities except one
A) Ensuring expiry date of food
B) Adequate attention to handling porcedures
C) Implement sanction on defaulters
D) Determine the price of food
  • 26. 26. A legal, social and official union through which man and woman becomes husband and wife respectively is ________
A) Culture
B) Partnership
C) Marriage
D) Religion
  • 27. 27. Endogamy means _______
A) Marriage between two tribes
B) Marriage of many wifes
C) Marriage within a tribe
D) Marriage of one wife
  • 28. 28. Marriage can be divided into four type based on the officials present
A) No
B) Yes
  • 29. 29. Marriage of many wives is known as _______
A) Polygamy
B) Exogamy
C) Islamic marriage
D) Monogamy
  • 30. 30. The main legal function of a marriage is to ensure the right of the parents and their chhldren
A) False
B) True
  • 31. 31. The plant cover of an area is called
A) Lawn
B) Marsh
C) Wild life
D) Vegetation
  • 32. 32. Areas like Ibadan and Abeokuta have ________ plant cover
A) Forest
B) Mangroove
C) Montane
D) Grass
  • 33. 33. Montane vegetation can be found in high land areas like ______
A) Cross river
B) Enugun
C) Akure
D) Jos
  • 34. 34. A vegetation serves the following except
A) None
B) Home
C) Medicine
D) Food
  • 35. 35. There are _______ known savanna in the world
A) None
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2
  • 36. 36. Sexual propagation of crops uses the _______
A) Stem
B) Flower
C) Seed
D) Root
  • 37. 37. A crop propagation that uses parts of plants other than the seed is ______ propagation
A) Vegetative
B) Sexual
C) None
D) Both
  • 38. 38. One of these is propagated sexually
A) Pine apple
B) Plaintain
C) Rice
D) Yam
  • 39. 39. Cassava is propagated by seed
A) Yes
B) No
  • 40. 40. Asexual propagation include _______
A) Crossing over
B) Layering
C) Grafting
D) Cross breeding
  • 41. 41. A state of being hired in exchange for payment is ________
A) Employment
B) Career
C) Course
D) Apprenticeship
  • 42. 42. To work as a research officer or research assistant one must be ______
A) Senior school leavers
B) Master of science
C) Post graduate
D) Junior school leavers
  • 43. 43. Irrigation is a technology that _______
A) Lasting food quality
B) Ensure farming off season
C) Allows farming in desert
D) Enable weather forecasting
  • 44. 44. A technology thah can hatch thousands of eggs at a time is
A) Incubator
B) Aquaculture
C) Hatchery
D) Poultry
  • 45. 45. A well adapted and disease resistant plant and animal can be produced through _______
A) Breeding
B) Soil science
C) Harvesting
D) Meteorology
  • 46. 46. The factor carrying the characters inherited by children from their parents is ______
A) Blood
B) Gene
C) Mother
D) Environment
  • 47. 47. Government agencies are not responsible for agricultural education
A) False
B) True
  • 48. 48. The breast milk produced in the first few days of birth is called
A) Pedicure
B) Manicure
C) Meconium
D) Colostrum
  • 49. 49. Placing the baby on only breast milk from birth to six month is known as ________
A) Balance diet
B) Creep feeding
C) Flushing
D) Exclusive breast feeding
  • 50. 50. A kind of treatment giving to expectant mothers and babies against a disease is _______
A) Immunization
B) Sterilization
C) Sanitation
D) Quarantine
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