Zennor Head
  • 1. Where is Zennor Head located?
A) Cornwall, England
B) Scotland
C) Wales
D) Ireland
  • 2. Which body of water can be seen from Zennor Head?
A) Atlantic Ocean
B) Indian Ocean
C) Mediterranean Sea
D) Pacific Ocean
  • 3. Which famous writer is associated with Zennor Head?
A) Emily Bronte
B) D. H. Lawrence
C) Shakespeare
D) Charles Dickens
  • 4. What type of rock formations can be found at Zennor Head?
A) Sandstone
B) Limestone
C) Granite
D) Marble
  • 5. What bird species can be spotted at Zennor Head?
A) Seagulls
B) Peregrine Falcons
C) Puffins
D) Owls
  • 6. What is the name of the prominent headland near Zennor Head?
A) Gurnard's Head
B) Pendeen Watch
C) Lands End
D) Cape Cornwall
  • 7. What is the current status of Zennor Head in terms of conservation?
A) UNESCO World Heritage Site
B) National Park
C) Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
D) Nature Reserve
  • 8. What industry has historically been important in the area surrounding Zennor Head?
A) Tourism
B) Fishing
C) Mining
D) Farming
  • 9. Which sport is popular near Zennor Head due to the strong coastal winds?
A) Surfing
B) Golf
C) Tennis
D) Football
  • 10. What local legend is associated with Zennor Head?
A) The Mermaid of Zennor
B) The Ghost of Zennor
C) The Giant of Zennor
D) The Witch of Zennor
  • 11. What is the name of the long-distance walking trail that passes near Zennor Head?
A) South West Coast Path
B) Pennine Way
C) West Highland Way
D) Offa's Dyke Path
  • 12. What is the nearest town to Zennor Head?
A) Plymouth
B) Penzance
C) Falmouth
D) St. Ives
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