Jan Matejko
  • 1. What nationality was Jan Matejko?
A) Russian
B) French
C) Polish
D) German
  • 2. In which century did Jan Matejko live?
A) 20th
B) 16th
C) 19th
D) 18th
  • 3. What was Jan Matejko primarily known for painting?
A) Historical scenes
B) Abstract art
C) Landscapes
D) Portraits
  • 4. Which city was Jan Matejko born in?
A) Poznan
B) Warsaw
C) Gdansk
D) Krakow
  • 5. What was Jan Matejko's profession?
A) Doctor
B) Musician
C) Painter
D) Architect
  • 6. What is the name of Jan Matejko's most famous painting depicting the Polish-Lithuanian Union?
A) Battle of Grunwald
B) The Battle of Vienna
C) The Death of Barbara Radziwiłł
D) Union of Lublin
  • 7. Which Polish king is depicted in many of Jan Matejko's paintings?
A) Casimir III the Great
B) Bolesław I the Brave
C) John III Sobieski
D) Sigismund III Vasa
  • 8. In what year did Jan Matejko die?
A) 1920
B) 1975
C) 1850
D) 1893
  • 9. What genre did Jan Matejko's painting 'Stańczyk' belong to?
A) Surreal
B) Abstract
C) Still life
D) Historical
  • 10. What was the name of Jan Matejko's wife, who also served as his model in several paintings?
A) Sophie Wawelberg
B) Maria Kossak
C) Teodora Giebułtowska
D) Anna Matejko
  • 11. What was the subject of Jan Matejko's monumental painting 'Copernicus'?
A) Nicolaus Copernicus
B) Issac Newton
C) Christopher Columbus
D) Galileo Galilei
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