• 1. Who directed the movie 'Irréversible'?
A) David Lynch
B) Quentin Tarantino
C) Gaspar Noé
D) Christopher Nolan
  • 2. In what year was 'Irréversible' released?
A) 2005
B) 2002
C) 1999
D) 2010
  • 3. What is the main narrative technique used in 'Irréversible'?
A) Parallel Editing
B) Flashbacks
C) Reverse Chronology
D) Voiceover Narration
  • 4. Which actor plays the character Marcus in the film?
A) Albert Dupontel
B) Philippe Nahon
C) Vincent Cassel
D) Monica Bellucci
  • 5. What colors are predominantly used in the visual aesthetic of 'Irréversible'?
A) Red and Blue
B) Black and White
C) Pink and Purple
D) Yellow and Green
  • 6. What is the setting of the film 'Irréversible'?
A) Tokyo, Japan
B) New York, USA
C) London, UK
D) Paris, France
  • 7. Who composed the soundtrack for 'Irréversible'?
A) Ennio Morricone
B) Thomas Bangalter
C) Hans Zimmer
D) Philip Glass
  • 8. What is the significance of the title 'Irréversible'?
A) Inevitable fate
B) Irreversible actions and consequences
C) Temporal loops
D) Reversible timelines
  • 9. Which character seeks revenge in 'Irréversible'?
A) Alex
B) Marcus
C) Pierre
D) Le Tenia
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