Ancient Hittite Empire
  • 1. Which king is considered the founder of the Hittite Empire?
A) Tudhaliya I
B) Hattusili III
C) Ć uppiluliuma I
D) Labarna I
  • 2. The Hittites were skilled in the production of which metal?
A) Bronze
B) Gold
C) Iron
D) Copper
  • 3. Which group invaded and ultimately led to the collapse of the Hittite Empire?
A) Sea Peoples
B) Greeks
C) Romans
D) Persians
  • 4. Which major battle involving the Hittites is considered one of the largest chariot battles in history?
A) Battle of Thermopylae
B) Battle of Marathon
C) Battle of Gaugamela
D) Battle of Kadesh
  • 5. Which archaeological site in modern-day Turkey was the political and religious center of the Hittite Empire?
A) Hattusa
B) Susa
C) Ebla
D) Mari
  • 6. Which Hittite king is known for the destruction of the city of Babylon?
A) Hattusili III
B) Muwatalli I
C) Tudhaliya I
D) Mursili I
  • 7. What type of government did the Hittites have?
A) Monarchy
B) Oligarchy
C) Republic
D) Theocracy
  • 8. Which region did the Hittites primarily inhabit?
A) Crete
B) Persia
C) Mesopotamia
D) Anatolia
  • 9. What was the main language used for diplomatic correspondence during the Late Bronze Age in the Near East?
A) Sanskrit
B) Akkadian
C) Greek
D) Latin
  • 10. Which modern city is located near the site of ancient Hattusa?
A) Istanbul
B) Bogazkale
C) Ankara
D) Antalya
  • 11. Which ancient civilization did the Hittites engage in a significant conflict known as the Battle of Kadesh?
A) Persia
B) Assyria
C) Babylon
D) Ancient Egypt
  • 12. What material was primarily used by the Hittites for writing?
A) Animal skin parchment
B) Papyrus
C) Stone slabs
D) Clay tablets
  • 13. Which deity was considered the chief god of the Hittite pantheon?
A) Marduk
B) Teshub
C) Ishtar
D) Ra
  • 14. Which modern-day country corresponds to the region where the Hittite Empire was located?
A) Iran
B) Iraq
C) Greece
D) Turkey
  • 15. In which millennium BCE did the Hittite Empire reach its peak?
A) 2nd millennium BCE
B) 1st millennium BCE
C) 3rd millennium BCE
D) 4th millennium BCE
  • 16. Which neighboring civilization influenced the Hittites in terms of religion and art?
A) Mesopotamia
B) China
C) Greece
D) Persia
  • 17. Who was the last known ruler of the Hittite Empire before its collapse?
A) Mursili II
B) Tudhaliya IV
C) Hattusili III
D) Suppiluliuma II
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