Territorial era of Minnesota
  • 1. When did the Territorial era of Minnesota begin?
A) 1849
B) 1876
C) 1804
D) 1858
  • 2. What was the name of the first governor of the Minnesota Territory?
A) Alexander Hamilton
B) Henry H. Sibley
C) Alexander Ramsey
D) John A. Sibley
  • 3. In what year did Minnesota become a state?
A) 1849
B) 1858
C) 1804
D) 1876
  • 4. Which treaty helped open up Minnesota for settlement during the Territorial era?
A) Treaty of Paris
B) Treaty of Versailles
C) Treaty of Traverse des Sioux
D) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • 5. Who were the primary inhabitants of Minnesota during the Territorial era?
A) Hopi and Navajo
B) Ojibwe and Dakota
C) Inuit and Aleut
D) Seneca and Mohawk
  • 6. Which Native American conflict occurred during the Territorial era in Minnesota?
A) Battle of Little Bighorn
B) Nez Perce War
C) Apache Wars
D) Dakota War of 1862
  • 7. What was the name of the first newspaper in Minnesota Territory?
A) Minnesota Gazette
B) Minnesota Herald
C) Minnesota Tribune
D) Minnesota Pioneer
  • 8. Which river flows through Minnesota and played a significant role in its early development?
A) Colorado River
B) Mississippi River
C) Rio Grande
D) Missouri River
  • 9. What was the name of the fort established in Minnesota during the Territorial era to protect against Native American attacks?
A) Fort Snelling
B) Fort Laramie
C) Fort Sumter
D) Fort Ticonderoga
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