Year 11 Biology Term 2 Pre-Test
__1. AxonA. Detect changes in the envornment
__2. DendriteB. The body maintaining a constant internal environment
__3. EffectorsC. The control of the sugar levels in the body
__4. GlucoregulationD. Produce a response to stimulus
__5. HomeostasisE. A short branched extension of a nerve cell
__6. Myelin sheathF. Junction between two neurons
__7. OsmoregulationG. The control of body temperature
__8. ReceptorsH. Long slender projection from a nerve cell
__9. SynapseI. Insulating covering around the axon
__10. ThermoregulationJ. The control of the water and salt concentrations in the body
__11. ADHA. Hormone promotes the breakdown of glycogen to glucose
__12. EctothermB. Hormone that lowers high glucose concentration
__13. EndocrineC. Hormone that controls the water and salt concentrations
__14. EndothermD. An animal that relies on environment for body temperature
__15. GlucagonE. Substance in body tissue to store carbohydrates
__16. GlycogenF. Glands which secrete hormones
__17. InsulinG. Chemical substance that travels across a synapse
__18. NeurostransmitterH. An animal able to maintain a constant internal temperature
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