The Beauty of Danube River: Cruises and Cycling Routes
  • 1. Which region is known for its scenic landscapes along the Danube River?
A) Amazon Rainforest
B) Sahara Desert
C) Antarctica
D) Wachau Valley
  • 2. Which city can be a starting point for a Danube River cruise?
A) Vienna
B) Tokyo
C) New York
D) Sydney
  • 3. What is a great way to relax during a Danube River cruise?
A) Enjoying local wines
B) Skipping meals
C) Working non-stop
D) Avoiding sunsets
  • 4. Which season is ideal for a Danube River cruise?
A) Winter
B) Hurricane season
C) Spring
D) Monsoon
  • 5. What could you admire during a Danube River cruise?
A) Empty fields
B) Historic landmarks
C) Closed doors
D) Indoor walls
  • 6. What should you remember to take with you on a cycling journey by the Danube River?
A) Suitcase
B) Water bottle
C) Candle
D) Umbrella
  • 7. Which type of vessel is often used for Danube River cruises?
A) Riverboat
B) Submarine
C) Aircraft carrier
D) Yacht
  • 8. What is an essential safety measure when cycling near the Danube River?
A) Cycling blindfolded
B) Wearing a helmet
C) No lights at night
D) Listening to music loud
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