Abisko National Park
  • 1. When was Abisko National Park established?
A) 1925
B) 1950
C) 1990
D) 1909
  • 2. What country is Abisko National Park located in?
A) Australia
B) Canada
C) Sweden
D) Norway
  • 3. Abisko National Park is known for its stunning display of what natural phenomenon?
A) Tornadoes
B) Volcanic eruptions
C) Earthquakes
D) Northern Lights
  • 4. What is the name of the long-distance hiking trail that starts in Abisko National Park and ends in Hemavan?
A) Pacific Crest Trail
B) Kungsleden
C) West Highland Way
D) Appalachian Trail
  • 5. Which lake is located near Abisko National Park and is known for its clear waters reflecting the Northern Lights?
A) Crater Lake
B) Lake Superior
C) Torneträsk
D) Lake Baikal
  • 6. Abisko National Park is part of which larger region in Sweden known for its natural beauty?
A) Amazon Rainforest
B) Sahara Desert
C) Rocky Mountains
D) Lapland
  • 7. Which species of wildlife is commonly spotted in Abisko National Park?
A) Reindeer
B) Kangaroo
C) Polar Bear
D) Gorilla
  • 8. Which indigenous group historically inhabited the region near Abisko National Park?
A) Sami
B) Maori
C) Native Americans
D) Inuit
  • 9. Which transportation method is commonly used to access Abisko National Park?
A) Submarine
B) Spaceship
C) Hot air balloon
D) Train
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