Mandate for Palestine
  • 1. When did the Mandate for Palestine come into effect?
A) 1918
B) 1948
C) 1923
D) 1936
  • 2. Which document recognized the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and their right to reconstitute their national home there?
A) Sykes-Picot Agreement
B) Balfour Declaration
C) San Remo Conference
D) White Paper of 1939
  • 3. Which event marked the end of the British Mandate for Palestine?
A) United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine
B) First Intifada
C) Israeli Declaration of Independence
D) Six-Day War
  • 4. In what year did the United Nations propose to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states?
A) 1956
B) 1947
C) 1973
D) 1967
  • 5. Which organization replaced the League of Nations in supervising the Mandate for Palestine?
A) United Nations
B) African Union
C) European Union
  • 6. Who was the High Commissioner of Palestine during the initial phase of the Mandate period?
A) Winston Churchill
B) Arthur Balfour
C) Herbert Samuel
D) David Lloyd George
  • 7. What term is used to describe the immigration of Jewish people to Palestine under the Mandate period?
A) Diaspora
B) Hijra
C) Aliyah
D) Pogrom
  • 8. Which city was designated as an international zone under the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine?
A) Tel Aviv
B) Haifa
C) Gaza City
D) Jerusalem
  • 9. What was the outcome of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War in relation to the Mandate for Palestine?
A) Transfer of the mandate to the United Nations
B) Annexation by neighboring Arab countries
C) Extension of British control
D) Establishment of the state of Israel
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