Tourism in Malta
  • 1. Which popular landmark is known as the 'Silent City' in Malta?
A) Sliema
B) Valletta
C) Mdina
D) Marsaxlokk
  • 2. What is the capital city of Malta?
A) Gozo
B) Valletta
C) Marsaxlokk
D) St. Julian's
  • 3. What is the traditional Maltese fishing boat called?
A) Kajjik
B) Dghajsa
C) Cajun
D) Luzzu
  • 4. What is the currency used in Malta?
A) Pound
B) Euro
C) Dinar
D) Lira
  • 5. Which saint is the patron of Malta?
A) St. Paul
B) St. John
C) St. Andrew
D) St. Peter
  • 6. Which popular Maltese snack consists of deep-fried dough filled with ricotta or peas?
A) Timpana
B) Ftira
C) Pastizzi
D) Kinnie
  • 7. In which year did Malta gain independence from British rule?
A) 1980
B) 1964
C) 2001
D) 1945
  • 8. Which Maltese village is famous for its colorful fishing boats and Sunday market stalls?
A) Gharb
B) Mgarr
C) Marsaxlokk
D) Qormi
  • 9. What is the name of the official language of Malta?
A) French
B) Maltese
C) Italian
D) English
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