• 1. Who is credited with inventing the voltaic pile, an early electric battery?
A) Leonardo da Vinci
B) Alessandro Volta
C) Isaac Newton
D) Galileo Galilei
  • 2. In which year was Alessandro Volta born?
A) 1826
B) 1801
C) 1682
D) 1745
  • 3. Where was Alessandro Volta born?
A) Como, Italy
B) Vienna, Austria
C) Paris, France
D) Berlin, Germany
  • 4. Which university did Alessandro Volta teach at for many years?
A) Harvard University
B) Sorbonne University
C) University of Pavia
D) Oxford University
  • 5. What was the name of Volta's early electrochemical cell invention that he demonstrated in 1800?
A) Electric Stack
B) Voltage Detector
C) Voltaic Pile
D) Pile-A Battery
  • 6. Volta's disagreement with which fellow scientist led to the development of the voltaic pile?
A) Michael Faraday
B) Nikola Tesla
C) Luigi Galvani
D) Thomas Edison
  • 7. In what year did Alessandro Volta pass away?
A) 1852
B) 1785
C) 1827
D) 1698
  • 8. What is the name of Volta's law that states the steady voltage difference between two points in a conducting wire is directly proportional to the electric current passing through it?
A) Faraday's Law
B) Ohm's Law
C) Ampere's Law
D) Lenz's Law
  • 9. Which prestigious award did Volta receive in 1800 for his work on the voltaic pile?
A) Pulitzer Prize
B) Nobel Prize
C) Copley Medal
D) Fields Medal
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