White Huns from the north west destroy Indian empire
  • 1. What Indian empire did the White Huns destroy?
A) Vijayanagara Empire
B) Gupta Empire
C) Maurya Empire
D) Chola Empire
  • 2. Who was the ruler of the Gupta Empire when the White Huns invaded?
A) Kumargupta
B) Samudragupta
C) Skandagupta
D) Chandragupta II
  • 3. Which city did the White Huns sack during their invasion of India?
A) Varanasi
B) Ujjain
C) Mathura
D) Ayodhya
  • 4. What was the capital of the Gupta Empire?
A) Ayodhya
B) Ujjain
C) Varanasi
D) Pataliputra
  • 5. How did the White Huns affect trade in India?
A) Ignored it
B) Enhanced it
C) Stabilized it
D) Disrupted it
  • 6. What was a major religion in India during the White Hun invasion?
A) Hinduism
B) Buddhism
C) Christianity
D) Islam
  • 7. Which Indian region was particularly affected by White Hun attacks?
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Punjab
C) Kerala
D) Assam
  • 8. What military advantage did the White Huns have over the Gupta forces?
A) Archers
B) Infantry
C) Cavalry
D) Elephants
  • 9. What technology were the White Huns known for using in battle?
A) Cannons
B) Composite bows
C) Swords
D) Chariots
  • 10. What trade route did the White Huns disrupt between Asia and Europe?
A) Silk Road
B) Frankincense Trail
C) Spice Route
D) Amber Route
  • 11. Who were the invaders that belong to the White Huns?
A) Sassanids
B) Hephthalites
C) Parthians
D) Kushans
  • 12. In which century did the White Huns invade the Indian subcontinent?
A) 5th century
B) 1st century
C) 3rd century
D) 7th century
  • 13. Which Indian poet and dramatist described the invasion of the White Huns in his works?
A) Kalidasa
B) Bharavi
C) Tulsidas
D) Valmiki
  • 14. Where did the White Huns originate from before invading India?
A) Europe
B) Middle East
C) East Asia
D) Central Asia
  • 15. What was the economic impact of the White Hun invasions on India?
A) Disruption of trade routes
B) Expansion of agricultural practices
C) Increase in cultural exchanges
D) Growth of urban centers
  • 16. What was the White Hun's preferred mode of governance in India?
A) Centralized monarchy
B) Tribal council system
C) Feudalism
D) Republic
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