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  • 1. Everything will turn out fine,
A) turn not it?
B) won´t it?
C) willn´t it?
D) will it?
  • 2. She can´t stand on her head,
A) stand not she?
B) can she?
C) doesn´t she?
D) can´t she?
  • 3. It won´t rain tomorrow,
A) does it?
B) will it?
C) rain not it?
D) won´t it?
  • 4. David usually goes on foot,
A) usually not?
B) will he?
C) doesn´t he?
D) goes not he?
  • 5. She kept her camera with her all the time,
A) kept not she?
B) can she?
C) did she?
D) didn´t she?
  • 6. Your dog can do some tricks,
A) can it?
B) can´t it?
C) dog not ?
D) don´t it?
  • 7. Cony keeps a diary,
A) does she?
B) doesn´t she?
C) keeps not she?
D) keep she?
  • 8. Gerald has trained very hard,
A) hasn´t he?
B) will he?
C) trained not he?
D) has he?
  • 9. Jimmy should have known better,
A) haven´t he?
B) known not he?
C) should he?
D) shouldn´t he?
  • 10. The players are late,
A) did they?
B) aren´t they?
C) are they?
D) won´t they?
  • 11. They weren´t playing loud music,
A) weren´t they?
B) aren´t they?
C) were they?
D) are they?
  • 12. Your mom wouldn´t tell them your secret,
A) should she?
B) would she?
C) did she?
D) didn´t she?
  • 13. I won´t make any trouble,
A) any not?
B) will I?
C) make not I?
D) won´t it?
  • 14. You woke up with a cold,
A) did you?
B) won´t you?
C) doesn´t you?
D) didn´t you?
  • 15. She wakes up early,
A) doesn´t she?
B) did she?
C) does she?
D) didn´t she?
  • 16. You could show me round,
A) did you?
B) won´t you?
C) show not you?
D) couldn´t you?
  • 17. They will be in trouble,
A) won´t they?
B) will they?
C) aren´t they?
D) didn´t they?
  • 18. They built a big house,
A) didn´t they?
B) built not they?
C) don´t they?
D) won´t they?
  • 19. We work as teachers,
A) don´t we?
B) will we?
C) didn´t we?
D) doesn´t we?
  • 20. You don´t understand,
A) do you?
B) don´t you?
C) won´t you?
D) did you?
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