Copper age begins, Europe
  • 1. In which modern-day country did some of the earliest Copper Age settlements in Europe emerge?
A) Italy
B) Serbia
C) France
D) Spain
  • 2. What type of tools and weapons were primarily made from copper during the Copper Age?
A) Helmets
B) Axes
C) Shields
D) Swords
  • 3. Which metal alloy became prominent during the later stages of the Copper Age in Europe?
A) Iron
B) Gold
C) Silver
D) Bronze
  • 4. In Copper Age Europe, what was the primary mode of transportation for long-distance trade?
A) Rivers
B) Desert
C) Mountains
D) Roads
  • 5. How did the introduction of metal tools impact construction in Copper Age Europe?
A) No significant impact on construction
B) Increased the cost of construction
C) Led to simpler construction methods
D) Allowed for more elaborate structures
  • 6. What term is used to describe the period when copper tools and weapons were in widespread use but bronze had not yet been developed?
A) Chalcolithic
B) Iron Age
C) Neolithic
D) Medieval Period
  • 7. Which body of water played a significant role in the trade networks of Copper Age Europe?
A) Mediterranean Sea
B) North Sea
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Black Sea
  • 8. Which animal was commonly domesticated during the Copper Age in Europe?
A) Elephant
B) Sheep
C) Lion
D) Giraffe
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