• 1. Which of the following breeds is known for its distinctive curly coat?
A) Poodle
B) Dalmatian
C) Pug
D) Chihuahua
  • 2. Which breed is often associated with its strong herding instincts?
A) Shih Tzu
B) Dachshund
C) Boxer
D) Border Collie
  • 3. What is the largest dog breed?
A) Great Dane
B) Beagle
C) Chihuahua
D) Pomeranian
  • 4. What dog breed is known for its loyalty and protective nature?
A) Poodle
B) German Shepherd
C) Pug
D) Rottweiler
  • 5. What is the sense that dogs rely on the most?
A) Sight
B) Hearing
C) Smell
D) Taste
  • 6. What is the fastest dog breed?
A) Shih Tzu
B) Bulldog
C) Greyhound
D) Pug
  • 7. What is the natural habitat of the dingo dog?
A) Africa
B) Australia
C) Europe
D) South America
  • 8. What is a dog's primary way of regulating its body temperature?
A) Bathing
B) Panting
C) Sweating
D) Shivering
  • 9. What is the term for a group of dogs?
A) Herd
B) Pack
C) Flock
D) School
  • 10. What is the term for the process of mating dogs?
A) Whelping
B) Weaning
C) Breeding
D) Casting
  • 11. Which dog breed is often used as therapy dogs due to their gentle and friendly nature?
A) Golden Retriever
B) Pit Bull
C) Chihuahua
D) Rottweiler
  • 12. What was the name of the first living creature to be sent into space by the Soviet Union in 1957?
A) Laika
B) Rex
C) Rover
D) Spot
  • 13. Which breed is known for its double coat that sheds seasonally?
A) Husky
B) Dachshund
C) Beagle
D) Pomeranian
  • 14. What is a dog's primary mode of communication?
A) Body language
B) Whimpering
C) Biting
D) Barking
  • 15. What does it mean when a dog wags its tail?
A) Can indicate fear or submission
B) Can indicate excitement or happiness
C) Has no significance
D) Can indicate anger or aggression
  • 16. What is the approximate lifespan of a dog?
A) 3-5 years
B) 20-25 years
C) 10-13 years
D) 50-60 years
  • 17. What is the world's first known breed of domesticated dog?
A) Labrador Retriever
B) Bulldog
C) Rottweiler
D) Saluki
  • 18. Which dog breed is known for its distinctive blue-black tongue?
A) Boxer
B) Husky
C) Chow Chow
D) Poodle
  • 19. What is the term for a mixed-breed dog?
A) Mutt
B) Pedigree
C) Purebred
D) Hybrid
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