German Fairy Tales
  • 1. German fairy tales are known for their rich storytelling tradition, filled with magical creatures, brave heroes, and moral lessons. These tales have been passed down through generations, enchanting readers and listeners with their fantastical plots and whimsical characters. From the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm to the legends of the Black Forest, German fairy tales continue to captivate audiences around the world with their enduring charm and timeless themes of love, courage, and adventure.

    Who wrote the fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel'?
A) Jacob Grimm
B) Charles Perrault
C) Hans Christian Andersen
D) Brothers Grimm
  • 2. In the story 'Rumpelstiltskin', what can the miller's daughter turn into gold?
A) Barley
B) Straw
C) Wheat
D) Hay
  • 3. Who is the main character in the tale 'The Frog Prince'?
A) A King
B) A Princess
C) A Farmer
D) A Witch
  • 4. In the story 'Snow White', what does the evil queen ask the huntsman to bring back as proof of Snow White's death?
A) A Lock of Hair
B) A Ring
C) A Mirror
D) A Heart
  • 5. Which fairy tale features a boy who trades his cow for magic beans?
A) The Three Little Pigs
B) Goldilocks and the Three Bears
C) Little Red Riding Hood
D) Jack and the Beanstalk
  • 6. Which fairy tale involves a girl with extraordinary long hair who is kept in a tower?
A) Hansel and Gretel
B) The Little Mermaid
C) Cinderella
D) Rapunzel
  • 7. Which fairy tale is about a girl who, after being cursed into a swan, only regains her human form at night?
A) The Wild Swans
B) The Ugly Duckling
C) The Little Match Girl
D) Thumbelina
  • 8. Which fairy tale features a little girl who encounters a big bad wolf in the forest?
A) The Snow Queen
B) Cinderella
C) Little Red Riding Hood
D) Puss in Boots
  • 9. In the story of 'The Bremen Town Musicians', which animals form a band together?
A) Cat, Rooster, Cow, Pig
B) Dog, Cat, Rooster, Donkey
C) Rabbit, Duck, Fox, Goat
D) Dog, Cat, Sheep, Horse
  • 10. Who is the little mermaid in Hans Christian Andersen's famous tale?
A) Sebastian
B) Ariel
C) Flounder
D) Ursula
  • 11. Which fairy tale focuses on a brother and sister duo who encounter a marzipan house in the forest?
A) The Emperor's New Clothes
B) Hansel and Gretel
C) The Frog Prince
D) The Ugly Duckling
  • 12. Who is the protagonist who must spin straw into gold in 'Rumpelstiltskin'?
A) A Queen
B) A Peasant Girl
C) A Miller's Daughter
D) A Farmer's Wife
  • 13. Which fairy tale features a beast who must find true love to break his curse?
A) Rapunzel
B) Snow White
C) Cinderella
D) Beauty and the Beast
  • 14. Which fairy tale features a magical frog that turns into a prince?
A) The Frog Prince
B) Snow White
C) Cinderella
D) Rumpelstiltskin
  • 15. In the story of 'Sleeping Beauty', who casts the curse that puts the princess to sleep?
A) Wicked Witch
B) Maleficent
C) Ursula
D) Evil Queen
  • 16. What object does the prince use to find Cinderella after the ball?
A) Glass Slipper
B) Silver Crown
C) Golden Ring
D) Diamond Necklace
  • 17. What does the evil queen ask the magic mirror in 'Snow White'?
A) Who is the fairest of them all?
B) How can I be immortal?
C) Where is the hidden treasure?
D) Will I ever find true love?
  • 18. How many dwarfs does Snow White befriend in the forest?
A) Five
B) Ten
C) Three
D) Seven
  • 19. In 'Rumpelstiltskin', what does the miller's daughter have to guess to keep her child?
A) The Queen's Favorite Flower
B) The Color of the Sky
C) Rumpelstiltskin's Name
D) The Baby's Weight
  • 20. Who gives Cinderella her iconic glass slippers?
A) Enchanted Mermaid
B) Fairy Godmother
C) Wise Wizard
D) Magic Elf
  • 21. Which fairy tale features a shoe that can only fit a particular girl?
A) The Ugly Duckling
B) Cinderella
C) The Pied Piper of Hamelin
D) The Little Mermaid
  • 22. In 'Hansel and Gretel', what do the children use to find their way back home?
A) Stones
B) Breadcrumbs
C) Leaves
D) Feathers
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