• 1. Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, is known for its luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and vibrant nightlife scene. It is home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, as well as the artificial Palm Jumeirah island. Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population that adds to its dynamic energy. The city is also a hub for business and innovation, with a growing economy and a reputation for being a global center for trade and tourism. Visitors can explore traditional souks, stunning beaches, and world-class restaurants, making Dubai a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a mix of luxury and adventure.

    What is the famous tallest building in Dubai called?
A) Dubai Marina
B) Burj Khalifa
C) Palm Jumeirah
D) Burj Al Arab
  • 2. Which island in Dubai is shaped like a palm tree?
A) Palm Jumeirah
B) Bluewaters Island
C) The World Islands
D) Deira Island
  • 3. What is the largest mall in Dubai known as?
A) Ibn Battuta Mall
B) City Centre Deira
C) Mall of the Emirates
D) The Dubai Mall
  • 4. Which mode of transportation is commonly used in Dubai for travel?
A) Ferrari
B) Hot Air Balloon
C) Yacht
D) Metro
  • 5. What is the famous man-made waterway in Dubai called?
A) Dubai Canal
B) Jumeirah Canal
C) Dubai Creek
D) Marina Creek
  • 6. What is the official currency of Dubai?
A) Rupee
B) Dollar
C) Euro
D) Dirham
  • 7. What is the traditional boat used for transportation in Dubai called?
A) Dhow
B) Ferry
C) Yacht
D) Abra
  • 8. Which international airport serves Dubai?
A) Dubai International Airport
B) Sharjah International Airport
C) Abu Dhabi International Airport
D) Doha International Airport
  • 9. What is the name of the world's largest choreographed fountain system located in Dubai?
A) World of Lights
B) The Dubai Fountain
C) Aqua Melodies
D) Singing Waters
  • 10. What is the traditional Arabic buffet-style meal called in Dubai?
A) Brunch
B) Iftar
C) Mezze
D) Suhour
  • 11. Which man-made island in Dubai is themed after Atlantis?
A) The Palm Jumeirah
B) Deira Islands
C) Bluewaters Island
D) The World Islands
  • 12. What is the traditional Arabian marketplace in Dubai called?
A) Bazaar
B) Mall
C) Plaza
D) Souk
  • 13. What is the name of the multi-purpose indoor arena and sports venue in Dubai?
A) Dubai World Trade Centre
B) Dubai Opera
C) Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House
D) Dubai Sports City
  • 14. What is the luxury hotel in Dubai known for its sail-shaped design?
A) Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa
B) The Ritz-Carlton
C) Jumeirah Beach Hotel
D) Burj Al Arab
  • 15. What is the name of the annual shopping festival held in Dubai?
A) Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
B) Art Dubai
C) Dubai Shopping Festival
D) Global Village
  • 16. Which indoor ski resort is located in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai?
A) The Ski Slopes
B) Snow Oasis
C) Frosty Mountain
D) Ski Dubai
  • 17. What is the name of the annual horse racing event in Dubai that attracts international participants?
A) Dubai Racing Festival
B) Dubai International Horse Fair
C) Dubai World Cup
D) UAE Showjumping Cup
  • 18. Which residential area is known for its luxury villas and beach access in Dubai?
A) The Springs
B) Jumeirah
C) Al Barsha
D) Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • 19. What is the name of the indoor theme park in Dubai featuring popular Marvel and Cartoon Network characters?
A) IMG Worlds of Adventure
B) Wonder Universe
C) Fantasia Gardens
D) Adventure Land
  • 20. What is the name of the high-speed double-track railway in Dubai?
A) Dubai Hyperloop
B) Dubai Metro
C) Dubai Tram
D) Dubai Monorail
  • 21. Where is the famous Dubai Miracle Garden located?
A) The World Islands
B) Palm Jumeirah
C) Dubai Creek Harbour
D) Dubailand
  • 22. In which year did Dubai host the Expo 2020?
A) 2022
B) 2019
C) 2021
D) 2023
  • 23. What is the official language of Dubai?
A) Urdu
B) Arabic
C) Hindi
D) English
  • 24. What is the traditional men's dress in Dubai called?
A) Thobe
B) Sherwani
C) Dishdasha
D) Kandura
  • 25. In which year did Dubai officially open its first metro line?
A) 2009
B) 2007
C) 2015
D) 2012
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