Thomas Jefferson
  • 1. When was Thomas Jefferson born?
A) March 2, 1796
B) April 13, 1743
C) May 5, 1750
D) January 1, 1800
  • 2. In which state was Thomas Jefferson born?
A) Pennsylvania
B) Virginia
C) South Carolina
D) New York
  • 3. Which college did Thomas Jefferson found?
A) Princeton University
B) University of Virginia
C) Yale University
D) Harvard University
  • 4. Which U.S. President preceded Thomas Jefferson?
A) Abraham Lincoln
B) George Washington
C) John Adams
D) James Madison
  • 5. What was Thomas Jefferson's profession before becoming President?
A) Doctor
B) Lawyer
C) Farmer
D) Engineer
  • 6. Which document did Thomas Jefferson primarily write?
A) Emancipation Proclamation
B) Declaration of Independence
C) Constitution
D) Bill of Rights
  • 7. Thomas Jefferson served as Secretary of State under which President?
A) James Monroe
B) Andrew Jackson
C) George Washington
D) John Adams
  • 8. In what year did Thomas Jefferson become President of the United States?
A) 1801
B) 1850
C) 1820
D) 1776
  • 9. Which political party did Thomas Jefferson belong to?
A) Whig
B) Democratic
C) Federalist
D) Democratic-Republican
  • 10. Who did Thomas Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory from?
A) France
B) Spain
C) Mexico
D) England
  • 11. Which famous expedition did Thomas Jefferson commission?
A) Voyage of the Beagle
B) Lewis and Clark Expedition
C) Columbus Expedition
D) Magellan Expedition
  • 12. Which famous building did Thomas Jefferson design?
A) Monticello
B) Empire State Building
C) The White House
D) Eiffel Tower
  • 13. Who was Thomas Jefferson's Vice President during his first term?
A) Alexander Hamilton
B) John Adams
C) Aaron Burr
D) James Madison
  • 14. What was the name of the estate Thomas Jefferson inherited from his father?
A) Belle Grove
B) Mount Vernon
C) Montpelier
D) Shadwell
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