Addis Ababa
  • 1. What is the capital city of Ethiopia?
A) Nairobi
B) Cairo
C) Addis Ababa
D) Accra
  • 2. In which region of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa located?
A) Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR)
B) Oromia
C) Tigray
D) Amhara
  • 3. What is the primary language spoken in Addis Ababa?
A) Arabic
B) Amharic
C) Swahili
D) French
  • 4. Which famous Ethiopian runner was born in Addis Ababa?
A) Tirunesh Dibaba
B) Haile Gebrselassie
C) Kenenisa Bekele
D) Genzebe Dibaba
  • 5. What is the name of the large public square in Addis Ababa that hosts various events and gatherings?
A) Independence Square
B) Tahrir Square
C) Red Square
D) Meskel Square
  • 6. What is the currency used in Addis Ababa?
A) Ethiopian Birr
B) South African Rand
C) Kenyan Shilling
D) Nigerian Naira
  • 7. What is the name of the large public university located in Addis Ababa?
A) Sorbonne University
B) Oxford University
C) Addis Ababa University
D) Harvard University
  • 8. Which mountain range can be seen from Addis Ababa on a clear day?
A) Himalayas
B) Alps
C) Entoto Mountains
D) Andes Mountains
  • 9. Addis Ababa is a melting pot of different _____ groups.
A) ethnic
B) linguistic
C) political
D) religious
  • 10. In what year was Addis Ababa founded?
A) 1600
B) 1945
C) 1701
D) 1886
  • 11. The National Palace in Addis Ababa is the official residence of the _____ of Ethiopia.
A) King
B) President
C) Prime Minister
D) Emperor
  • 12. Addis Ababa serves as a major hub for _____ airlines, the national carrier of Ethiopia.
A) South African
B) Ethiopian
C) Emirates
D) Kenyan
  • 13. Which international organization has its headquarters in Addis Ababa?
A) African Union
C) World Bank
D) United Nations
  • 14. Which famous Ethiopian emperor established Addis Ababa as the capital in 1886?
A) Menelik II
B) Yohannes IV
C) Haile Selassie
D) Tewodros II
  • 15. In which Ethiopian calendar month is the 'Meskel Square' in Addis Ababa commonly used for events and gatherings?
A) Megabit
B) Hidar
C) Tikimt
D) Meskerem
  • 16. Addis Ababa hosted the headquarters of the Organization of African _______?
A) Development
B) Reconciliation
C) Progress
D) Unity
  • 17. What is the name of the main airport in Addis Ababa?
A) Haile Selassie Airport
B) Bole International Airport
C) Ethio-Djibouti Airport
D) Menelik II Airport
  • 18. Addis Ababa is located at an elevation of approximately ______ meters above sea level.
A) 2,000
B) 2,355
C) 1,500
D) 3,750
  • 19. What is the name of the largest open-air market in Addis Ababa known for its vast array of goods and bustling atmosphere?
A) Merkato
B) Piassa
C) Piazza
D) Bole
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