3rd SW #4 (Forces etc)
Daniel was training for the onion run in Princeton.During his training, Daniel was able to run 3 hoursand cover a distance of 21 kilometers.
What was Daniel's average speed?
Please use your journal to answer the following
3 km/h
21 km/h
7 km/h
This graph shows the average speed of a car.  
What is the speedof the car at the 2 hour mark?
15 km/h
10 km/h
100 km/h
Mrs. Ruble drove to Oklahoma City last weekend tovisit her family. She had to drive 210 milesfrom McKinney to OKC.  Mrs. Ruble was able to drive that distance in about 3 hours.What was Mrs. Ruble's average speed during the trip?
100 mph
70 mph
35 mph
65 mph
At which point does the roller coaster have the greatest amount of kinetic energy?
Point X
Point Y
Point Z
At which point does the roller coaster have the greatest amount of potential energy?
Point W
Point X
Point Y
Which picture bestrepresents potentialenergy?
As a roller coaster goes down a hill and begins togo back up another hill, the energy changes from:
fast to slow
 kinetic to potential
potential to kinetic
slow to fast
The formula to calculate speed is:
Mass ÷ Volume = Density
Distance × Speed = Time
Time ÷ Distance = Speed
 Distance ÷ Time = Speed
How will this object move?
It will move right with 12 N of force
 It will not move
It will move right with 24 N of force 
It will move left with 24 N of force
What is the net force?
40 Newtons to the left
400 Newtons to the right
 0 Newtons balanced
40 Newtons to the right
A push or pull on an object is
What is the net force?
400 N up
800 N up
 400 N down
800 N down
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