percent proportion, tip,tax, markup, percent change
Percents and Proportions Review

What is 38% of 50?
6 is 80% of what number?
16 is what percent of 25?
The number of notebooks in the class decreased 
from 48 to 14. Find the percent of change.
The acres increased from 100 to 140. 
Find the percent of increase
A sporting store marks up the price of their yoga mats by 75%. 
If they purchased the yoga mat for $8.50, 
how much will they sell them for after the markup?
Scott wants to tip his taxicab driver 20%. If his commute 
cost $15, what is his total cost? 
Ray is going to purchase a computer for $1,500. If the sales tax is at 7%, how much will he pay total?
A restaurant bill comes to $28.35. 
Find the total cost if a 20% tip is left.
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