Judaism fully developed
  • 1. Which sacred text is foundational to Judaism fully developed?
A) Quran
B) Bible
C) Vedas
D) Torah
  • 2. What is the central belief in Judaism fully developed?
A) Pantheism
B) Polytheism
C) Monotheism
D) Atheism
  • 3. Who is the leader in Jewish religious services in Judaism fully developed?
A) Priest
B) Monk
C) Imam
D) Rabbi
  • 4. What is the Jewish day of rest called?
A) Ramadan
B) Sabbath
C) Shabbat
D) Sunday
  • 5. What is the Jewish New Year called?
A) Rosh Hashanah
B) Hanukkah
C) Passover
D) Yom Kippur
  • 6. Which holy city is significant in Judaism fully developed?
A) Mecca
B) Varanasi
C) Rome
D) Jerusalem
  • 7. Where does the creation story appear in Jewish scriptures?
A) Numbers
B) Leviticus
C) Genesis
D) Exodus
  • 8. Which prophet is associated with the vision of the Valley of Dry Bones in Judaism fully developed?
A) Isaiah
B) Ezekiel
C) Daniel
D) Jeremiah
  • 9. What is the primary language of most Jewish religious texts?
A) Latin
B) Arabic
C) Greek
D) Hebrew
  • 10. Which Jewish holiday commemorates the Exodus from Egypt?
A) Yom Kippur
B) Purim
C) Sukkot
D) Passover
  • 11. Who composed most of the Torah in Judaism fully developed?
A) David
B) Solomon
C) Moses
D) Abraham
  • 12. What are the five books of the Torah called?
A) Prophets
B) Gospels
C) Epistles
D) Pentateuch
  • 13. What is the main symbol associated with Hanukkah?
A) Star of David
B) Dreidel
C) Shofar
D) Menorah
  • 14. Which Jewish holiday is known as the Day of Atonement?
A) Rosh Hashanah
B) Yom Kippur
C) Sukkot
D) Purim
  • 15. What is the Jewish dietary law called?
A) Halal
B) Kashrut
C) Vegetarianism
D) Sabbath
  • 16. Which Jewish prayer is recited over wine on Shabbat and holidays?
A) Amidah
B) Kiddush
C) Havdalah
D) Shema
  • 17. What is the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony for boys called?
A) Brit Milah
B) Baptism
C) Confirmation
D) Bar Mitzvah
  • 18. Which biblical figure is associated with the covenant of circumcision in Judaism?
A) Jacob
B) Abraham
C) Isaac
D) Moses
  • 19. Which Jewish holiday celebrates the story of Queen Esther?
A) Yom Kippur
B) Purim
C) Hanukkah
D) Passover
  • 20. What is the Jewish marriage contract called?
A) Ketubah
B) Certificate
C) Nikah
D) Vows
  • 21. Which biblical figure is known for being swallowed by a great fish in Judaism?
A) Jonah
B) David
C) Solomon
D) Elijah
  • 22. What is the Jewish festival of booths called?
A) Rosh Hashanah
B) Hanukkah
C) Sukkot
D) Passover
  • 23. Which mountain is considered sacred in Judaism?
A) Mount Hermon
B) Mount Zion
C) Mount Moriah
D) Mount Sinai
  • 24. How many commandments are there in the Jewish faith?
A) 613
B) 100
C) 10
D) 5
  • 25. What is the Jewish festival of lights?
A) Sukkot
B) Purim
C) Yom Kippur
D) Hanukkah
  • 26. What is the Jewish wedding canopy called?
A) Chuppah
B) Ketubah
C) Tallis
D) Mikvah
  • 27. What is the main Jewish symbol?
A) Star of David
B) Crescent
C) Cross
D) Menorah
  • 28. What is the Jewish declaration of faith?
A) Aveinu Malkeinu
B) Hallel
C) Kaddish
D) Shema
  • 29. What is the Jewish celebration of the giving of the Torah?
A) Shavuot
B) Rosh Hashanah
C) Purim
D) Hanukkah
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