Math Review 43
Russo is twice as old as Mia. In 2 years Mia will betwice as old as Tony is now. Russo is 20. How old is Tony now?
years old
Ann is 10 years old.
If she were 4 years older, she would be 
twice as old as her sister.
How old is her sister?
years old
Which operations can be used 
to create the greatest possible results?
( use the symbols: +, -, or x )
In a library, there are 6 bookshelves. 
The bottom shelf has 29 books.
The one above it has 27. 
The fourth one has 24.
The third shelf has 20 books.
If this pattern continues, 
how many books are on
the top shelf? 

5, 6, 4, 7, 8, 6, 9, 10, 8,          ,           .             
14, 13, 16, 15, 18, 17, 
Continue the pattern:
Choose the operations that wouldmake this number sentence true.
30            15            5 = 40
(choose from these symbols:
+, -, or x)
When covering the floor with tiles, 
what concept of measurement must be calculated?
(use one of these:  
perimeter, volume, area, and weight)
(copy and paste: no capital letters)
Marie is 10 years old.
Her uncle is 25 years older.
How old will Marie be when her 
uncle's age is twice  Marie's?
years old.
The length of the rectangle is 2 times
the width plus three inches.
If the width is 5 inches, what is the 
length of the rectangle?
What is the area of the shaded section?
Square inches
What is the area of this figure?
Square feet
What is the area of this figure? 
What is the perimeter of this figure?
Find the area:
Find the perimeter:
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