Fourth Grade Science Vocabulary for Submersibles Part 1
  • 1. If you have an advantage, you haveĀ….
A) creativity and an easy understanding of materials.
B) something suspended on a fluid.
C) a favorable condition or circumstance.
D) a rule or standard.
  • 2. Which of these would be the most dense?
A) dirt at the bottom of a slide
B) steam rising from a boiling pot
C) leaves falling from a tree
D) popcorn in a bowl
  • 3. Which of these will help you in your judgment or important decision?
A) Problematics
B) Engineering design processes
C) Creativity
D) Criteria
  • 4. Jason wanted to save his money to buy the latest iPad. He had a set amount of money that he had to save. This would be described as a/an
A) goal
B) advantage
C) redesign
D) advantage
  • 5. When something is suspended on the surface of a fluid, it is
A) circumstantial
B) floating
C) magic!
D) extremely dense
  • 6. I'm currently looking for a solution, which means that I also have a/an
A) superior factor
B) problem
C) design
D) advantage
  • 7. How deep something is describes its
A) reliability
B) density
C) depth
D) durability
  • 8. In 1997, Steve Jobs took over control of Apple Computers. He revamped all of the software and computers. This would be considered what?
A) a redesign
B) criteria
C) a design
D) an advantage
  • 9. Engineers use something called a design process to design something. There are five steps. Which one is the correct order?
A) ask, imagine, plan, create, improve
B) ask, plan, imagine, create, improve
C) improve, ask, imagine, plan, create
D) create, plan, improve, ask, imagine
  • 10. Explain an important use of technology.
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