Australia - History
  • 1. What was the name of the religion of the Aborigines?
A) Nightmare
B) Dreamtime
C) Spirit Awakens
D) Christianity
  • 2. What caused the society of Aborigines to change?
A) the arrival of the Asians
B) the arrival of the Europeans
C) the arrival of the Americans
D) the formation of Parliament
  • 3. Which of these was NOT a reason for the British to colonize Australia?
A) they wanted easy access to Eastern trade
B) they wanted land in place where they could vacation on nice beaches
C) they wanted a place to send their convicts
D) they wanted a strategic location for their Navy in the Far East
  • 4. Convicts performed manual labor such as carpenters and farmers, they actually helped establish the colonies in Australia and most were able to eventually earn their freedom.
A) False
B) True
  • 5. Which was an effect of British settlement of Australia?
A) Many Aborigines became factory workers to survive
B) Aborigines were elected to representative positions in the colonial government.
C) Thousands of Aborigines dies of smallpox and other diseases
D) Aborigines remained in their homelands
  • 6. From where did the Aborigines enter the Australian continent thousands of years ago?
A) Antarctica
B) New Zealand
C) Africa
D) Southeast Asia
  • 7. Which weapon did the Australian Aborigines invent?
A) slingshot
B) boomerang
C) bow and arrow
D) cannon
  • 8. What event in the mid-19th century led to the killing of hundreds of Aborigines?
A) a gold rush
B) the release of prisoners
C) establishment of sheep and cattle farms
D) settlement of coast cities
  • 9. In which century did the British begin to colonize Australia?
A) 16th century
B) 18th century
C) 15th century
D) 17th century
  • 10. Rather than continue to fight the colonists, some Aborigines chose to _______________, which means to become similar to the things around you.
A) rebel
B) run away
C) indigenous
D) assimilate
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