Fraction Decimal Percent Real World Examples
  • 1. Marco ate 0.45 of his birthday cake. Convert the amount of cake Matt consumed into a fraction i n simplest form.
A) 4 and 5/10
B) 4 and 1/2
C) 9/20
D) 45/100
  • 2. Leah went 7/8 at the plate in last night's baseball game. Convert her batting average into a decimal.
A) 0.78
B) 0.578
C) 0.875
D) 0.825
  • 3. 65% of your body heat is lost through your head. What is this percent as a fraction in lowest terms?
A) 6 and 5/10
B) 13/20
C) 6 and 1/2
D) 65/100
  • 4. The water frozen in glaciers makes up 85% of the world's fresh water supply. Write 85% as a decimal.
A) 85
B) 8.5
C) 0.085
D) 0.85
  • 5. Bradly completed 0.8 of his homework and Max completed 8% of his homework. Who completed more of their homework?
A) Bradley
B) Max
C) they are the same
  • 6. About 27/40 of the Earth's atmosphere is made up of nitrogen. What percent of the Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen?
A) 0.625
B) 0.675
C) 67.5%
D) 62.5%
  • 7. Masha as 3/4 cup of brown sugar. The recipe calls for 5/8 cup of brown sugar. Does she have enough brown sugar to make the recipe?
A) cannot tell
B) yes
C) no
  • 8. Gavin needs 7/8 gallons of paint to finish painting his deck. He has 0.06 gallon of paint. Does he have enough.
A) yes
B) cannot tell
C) no
  • 9. The Gators soccer team plays the same number of games each year. The team won 0.03 of its games in 2014 and 1% of its games in 2016. In which year did the team win the most games?
A) 2016
B) 2014
  • 10. Reno, Nevada gets an average of 4/10 inch of rain in June, and 0.04 inch of rain in July. Which month in Reno has less rain?
A) June
B) July
  • 11. Bailey got two tests back today. She got 3/8 incorrect on her math test and 37% incorrect on her science test. On which test did she score better?
A) Math
B) Science
  • 12. A group of students collected money for the Red Cross. Danielle collected 72% of the money and Nicole collected 7/9 of the money. Who collected the most money?
A) Nicole
B) Danielle
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