Delft Blue Pottery
  • 1. Where is Delft Blue Pottery traditionally made?
A) Italy
B) China
C) France
D) The Netherlands
  • 2. What color is the traditional background of Delft Blue Pottery?
A) White
B) Yellow
C) Green
D) Blue
  • 3. What mineral gives Delft Blue Pottery its distinctive blue color?
A) Zinc
B) Cobalt
C) Iron
D) Copper
  • 4. Which century did Delft Blue Pottery originate in?
A) 17th century
B) 19th century
C) 16th century
D) 18th century
  • 5. What material is Delft Blue Pottery usually made from?
A) Stoneware
B) Porcelain
C) Bone China
D) Earthenware
  • 6. Which famous painter was known to have been inspired by Delft Blue Pottery?
A) Rembrandt
B) Vincent van Gogh
C) Johannes Vermeer
D) Piet Mondrian
  • 7. What does the term 'faience' refer to in relation to Delft Blue Pottery?
A) Porcelain with blue glaze
B) Tin-glazed earthenware
C) Lead-glazed stoneware
D) Terracotta pottery
  • 8. What historical association led to the popularity of Delft Blue Pottery in Europe?
A) Viking exploration
B) Medieval knights
C) Dutch East India Company trade
D) Roman Empire influence
  • 9. Which of the following is a famous Delft Blue Pottery manufacturer?
A) Blue Haven Pottery
B) Ming & Co.
C) Azure Artisans
D) Royal Delft
  • 10. How is Delft Blue Pottery traditionally finished to achieve its glossy appearance?
A) Matte coating
B) Embossing
C) Etching
D) Glazing
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