Tag Questions
  • 1. You have lots of friends,
A) do you?
B) you don't.
C) you doesn't?
D) don't you?
E) doesn't you?
  • 2. Your best friends are Leo and Fay,
A) are you?
B) are they?
C) They are?
D) aren't they?
E) were they?
  • 3. The school is just around the corner from your house,
A) Do you?
B) isn't it?
C) is it?
D) Does they?
E) Does it?
  • 4. Leo is a good friend,
A) is him?
B) he is?
C) isn't he?
D) isn't it?
E) he isn't?
  • 5. Fay isn't athletic,
A) doesn´t she?
B) No, she isn't.
C) does she?
D) is she?
E) isn't she?
  • 6. The school principal is pretty strict,
A) is she?
B) is he?
C) she isn't?
D) he is?
E) isn't he?
  • 7. Your favorite subject are information Technology and math,
A) are they.
B) isn't you?
C) aren't they?
D) are they?
E) aren't you?
  • 8. John is quite artistic,
A) is him?
B) isn't he?
C) doesn't him?
D) he is?
E) does he?
  • 9. John has a part-time job at the local theater movie,
A) doesn't him?
B) does he?
C) doesn't he?
D) don't he?
E) isn't he?
  • 10. Ian's school is close to his house,
A) isn't him?
B) is it?
C) doesn´t it?
D) isn't it?
E) is he?
  • 11. Ian can't watch movies at his workplace,
A) he can?
B) can't he?
C) isn't he?
D) can he?
E) doesn't he?
  • 12. Ian paints portraits in his spare time,
A) isn't he?
B) doesn't he?
C) does he?
D) isn't it?
E) he doesn't?
  • 13. Betty doesn't like her job,
A) Does it?
B) do she?
C) she doesn't?
D) don't she?
E) does she?
  • 14. Your brother travels twice a month,
A) don't he?
B) does he?
C) doesn't he?
D) Don't your brother?
E) do he?
  • 15. Jordan shares his room with his brother,
A) Do they?
B) doesn't he?
C) don't he?
D) does he?
E) don't they?
  • 16. Pedro has a new car,
A) has he?
B) don't he?
C) does he?
D) hasn't he?
E) doesn't he?
  • 17. Adoption was Barbaras's idea,
A) don't she?
B) doesn't she?
C) was she?
D) was it?
E) wasn't it?
  • 18. The Dawsons would prefer to have a more peaceful house,
A) would they?
B) don't they?
C) would them?
D) do they?
E) wouldn't they?
  • 19. Parents should give all the attention to the younger children?
A) should them?
B) shouldn't they?
C) shouldn't them?
D) wouldn't they?
E) should they?
  • 20. Henry can't run faster than Keith,
A) is he?
B) can't he?
C) can he?
D) isn't he?
E) he can?
  • 21. Beatrice feels really sad,
A) does she?
B) don't she?
C) isn't she?
D) doesn't she?
E) is she?
  • 22. They have a little sister,
A) does she?
B) aren't they?
C) don't they?
D) don't she?
E) do they?
  • 23. Robert LeRoy was a talented cartoonist and reporter,
A) were they'
B) isn't he?
C) weren't they
D) was he?
E) wasn't he?
  • 24. Robert LeRoy loved adventure,
A) did he?
B) was he?
C) wasn't he?
D) didn't he?
E) doesn't he?
  • 25. Robert LeRoy had a boa constrictot as a pet,
A) didn't he?
B) did he?
C) did it?
D) didn't it?
E) he didn't?
  • 26. Robert LeRoy could not swim,
A) couldn't he?
B) did he?
C) could he?
D) didn't it?
E) he could?
  • 27. Ripley was from Santa Rosa California,
A) was it?
B) wasn't them?
C) wasn't it?
D) was he?
E) wasn't he?
  • 28. Ripley din't died young,
A) did he?
B) didn't he?
C) didn't Ripley?
D) did him?
E) didn't he.
  • 29. People could not tell the difference between the real Masakichi and his statue,
A) they could?
B) could they?
C) couldn't they?
D) couldn't he?
E) could he?
  • 30. Your mother didn't use to play sports when she was younger,
A) did she?
B) didn't you?
C) did you?
D) didn't she?
E) she didn't?
  • 31. Teenagers love T-shirts,
A) did they?
B) don't they?
C) didn't they?
D) do they?
E) don't them?
  • 32. In the past only factory workers used to wear jeans,
A) didn't they?
B) don't they?
C) do they?
D) didn't them?
E) did they?
  • 33. There are no movies or museum in our town,
A) are there?
B) aren't there?
C) they aren't?
D) are they?
E) don't they?
  • 34. You have changed your style lately,
A) have you?
B) don't you?
C) haven't you?
D) do you?
E) hasn't it?
  • 35. Jason will pick us in the morning,
A) won't we?
B) doesn't he?
C) won't he?
D) will we?
E) will he?
  • 36. Mark and Adam don't have enough money for the concert,
A) do they?
B) doesn't he?
C) didn't they?
D) don't they?
E) do them?
  • 37. Mark and Phil didn't invite Adam on their trip,
A) didn't he?
B) he did?
C) did they?
D) don't they?
E) didn't they?
  • 38. People in South Korea speak slowly
A) don't they?
B) they don't?
C) do they?
D) doesn't they?
E) does they?
  • 39. You haven't been in a guided tour,
A) haven't you?
B) don't you?
C) have you?
D) did you?
E) do you?
  • 40. Mark won't travel to Lisbon,
A) is will he?
B) will he not?
C) will he?
D) isn't he?
E) won't he?
  • 41. People must be carefully when driving a car,
A) shouldn't they?
B) Musn't they?
C) must they?
D) should they?
E) won't they?
  • 42. Laura shouldn't smoke,
A) musn't she?
B) must she?
C) shouldn't she?
D) she should.
E) should she?
  • 43. Students must wear uniforms,
A) must we?
B) musn't they?
C) must they?
D) musn't you?
E) shouldn't they?
  • 44. Martha should help her mother,
A) she should?
B) shouldn't she?
C) should she?
D) shouldn't they?
E) shouldn't he?
  • 45. We will work next monday,
A) won't you?
B) will you?
C) don't we?
D) will we?
E) won't we?
  • 46. Luis couldn't get on time,
A) won't he?
B) couldn't he?
C) can he?
D) could he?
E) he could.
  • 47. They wouldn't do that,
A) should they?
B) couldn't they?
C) would they?
D) could they?
E) wouldn't they
  • 48. Martha and Susana can help,
A) couldn't they?
B) don't they?
C) can't they?
D) can they?
E) can't them?
  • 49. They are going to have dinner,
A) aren't they?
B) have they?
C) are they?
D) aren't them?
E) haven't they?
  • 50. Manuel and Luis didn't get on time,
A) did they?
B) didn't them?
C) do they?
D) didn't they?
E) don't they?
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