Doug Sahm
  • 1. What instrument did Doug Sahm primarily play?
A) Saxophone
B) Drums
C) Piano
D) Guitar
  • 2. Which band was Doug Sahm a founding member of?
A) Led Zeppelin
B) The Beatles
C) The Rolling Stones
D) Sir Douglas Quintet
  • 3. What was Doug Sahm's nickname?
A) The Boss
B) The King
C) Sir Douglas
D) The Legend
  • 4. Which year did Doug Sahm pass away?
A) 1999
B) 2005
C) 1985
D) 1970
  • 5. In which band did Doug Sahm collaborate with Augie Meyers after the breakup of the Sir Douglas Quintet?
A) Texas Tornados
B) The Byrds
C) Creedence Clearwater Revival
D) The Doors
  • 6. Where did Doug Sahm spend a significant part of his later years?
A) New Orleans, Louisiana
B) Austin, Texas
C) New York City, New York
D) San Francisco, California
  • 7. Which record label did Doug Sahm sign with for his solo career?
A) Motown Records
B) Columbia Records
C) Atlantic Records
D) Capitol Records
  • 8. Which singer-songwriter was a close friend and collaborator of Doug Sahm?
A) Bob Dylan
B) Willie Nelson
C) John Denver
D) Joni Mitchell
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