Government in early modern Scotland
  • 1. Who was the first monarch to unite the crowns of Scotland and England?
A) James VI of Scotland and I of England
B) William Wallace
C) Robert the Bruce
D) Mary, Queen of Scots
  • 2. Which religious group played a significant role in the Scottish government during the early modern period?
A) Catholics
B) Presbyterians
C) Anglicans
D) Puritans
  • 3. Who was known as the 'Maid of Norway' and was considered the heir to the Scottish throne in the early 14th century?
A) Elizabeth
B) Anne
C) Margaret
D) Isabella
  • 4. In what year did the Acts of Union merge the Scottish and English parliaments?
A) 1603
B) 1801
C) 1707
D) 1745
  • 5. Which Scottish king was famously defeated at the Battle of Flodden in 1513?
A) James V
B) James IV
C) Robert II
D) Charles II
  • 6. Who was the Scottish-born economist and philosopher who wrote 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations'?
A) James Mill
B) Thomas Reid
C) David Hume
D) Adam Smith
  • 7. Which English king invaded Scotland in the 'Rough Wooing' campaign to force a marriage alliance between their respective heirs?
A) Charles I
B) James I
C) Henry VIII
D) Edward VI
  • 8. Who was the Scottish king exiled to France in his youth, where he was influenced by Renaissance ideas and culture?
A) James VI
B) James IV
C) Charles I
D) James V
  • 9. Who was the English queen who famously signed the Treaty of Edinburgh that ended English military intervention in Scotland in 1560?
A) Elizabeth I
B) Mary I
C) Anne
D) Victoria
  • 10. Who was the Scottish queen who was executed for her alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth I of England?
A) Anne, Queen of Great Britain
B) Mary, Queen of Scots
C) Isabella of Mar
D) Margaret Tudor
  • 11. Under which king was the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England achieved in 1603?
A) James VI of Scotland
B) Charles I
C) James IV
D) James V
  • 12. What was the name of the civil war in Scotland that resulted in the defeat of the Royalists and the execution of King Charles I in 1649?
A) The Bishops' Wars
B) The '45 Rebellion
C) The Rough Wooing
D) The Wars of the Three Kingdoms
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