Petra: The Ancient Rose City of Jordan
  • 1. What is Petra known as?
A) The Sapphire City
B) The Jade City
C) The Gold City
D) The Rose City
  • 2. How was Petra rediscovered by the western world?
A) British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
B) French historian Jean-Francois Champollion
C) Italian architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi
D) Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt
  • 3. What is the name of the narrow gorge that serves as the entrance to Petra?
A) Oasis
B) Siq
C) Barakah
D) Wadi
  • 4. What type of rock is Petra primarily carved from?
A) Granite
B) Limestone
C) Sandstone
D) Marble
  • 5. Which UNESCO World Heritage Site category does Petra fall under?
A) Cultural
B) Tentative
C) Mixed
D) Natural
  • 6. What is the ceremonial structure at Petra called?
A) The Treasury
B) The Pantheon
C) The Parthenon
D) The Colosseum
  • 7. In what modern-day country is Petra located?
A) Syria
B) Egypt
C) Jordan
D) Iraq
  • 8. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World was Petra a candidate for?
A) New Seven Wonders of the World
B) Medieval Seven Wonders of the World
C) Natural Seven Wonders of the World
D) Ancient Seven Wonders of the World
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