• 1. In which English county is Woking located?
A) Surrey
B) Essex
C) Sussex
D) Kent
  • 2. Which famous author wrote 'The War of the Worlds', a novel set in Woking?
A) J.R.R. Tolkien
B) H.G. Wells
C) Jules Verne
D) George Orwell
  • 3. What is the name of the large shopping center in Woking town center?
A) The Meadows
B) The Peacocks
C) The Oaks
D) The Pines
  • 4. Which famous racing event takes place at Woking's McLaren Technology Centre?
B) Formula 1
D) IndyCar
  • 5. What is the name of the river that flows through Woking?
A) River Thames
B) River Severn
C) River Wey
D) River Mersey
  • 6. What is the name of the large park near Woking town center that features a lake and wildlife?
A) Central Park
B) Woking Park
C) Green Park
D) Victoria Park
  • 7. Which famous actor, known for his role in the TV series 'The Crown', was born in Woking?
A) Daniel Radcliffe
B) Benedict Cumberbatch
C) Matt Smith
D) Tom Hiddleston
  • 8. What is the name of the art gallery and museum located in Woking that hosts various exhibitions and events?
A) Surrey History Centre
B) The Lightbox
C) Museum of Farnham
D) Brooklands Museum
  • 9. Which famous inventor and electrical engineer conducted experiments and demonstrations in Woking in the late 19th century?
A) Alexander Graham Bell
B) Nikola Tesla
C) Thomas Edison
D) Alexander Fleming
  • 10. What is the nickname of Woking FC?
A) The Cards
B) The Dragons
C) The Bluebirds
D) The Tractor Boys
  • 11. Which famous actress, known for her roles in 'Mary Poppins' and 'The Sound of Music', lived in Woking during her childhood?
A) Julie Andrews
B) Marilyn Monroe
C) Audrey Hepburn
D) Grace Kelly
  • 12. What is the name of the main railway station in Woking?
A) Woking Railway Station
B) Woking Central Station
C) Woking Junction Station
D) Woking Terminal Station
  • 13. What is the name of the famous mosque in Woking, considered one of the first purpose-built mosques in the UK?
A) Al-Rahman Mosque
B) Al-Nur Mosque
C) Al-Farooq Mosque
D) Shah Jahan Mosque
  • 14. Which famous naturalist and broadcaster was born in Woking in 1926?
A) Jane Goodall
B) Jacques Cousteau
C) Steve Irwin
D) David Attenborough
  • 15. Which famous poet and playwright, known for his 'Sonnets' and plays like 'Romeo and Juliet', has connections to Woking through his family?
A) John Keats
B) Percy Bysshe Shelley
C) William Shakespeare
D) Lord Byron
  • 16. What is the name of the hockey club based in Woking that competes in various leagues?
A) Woking Field Hockey
B) Woking Sports Club
C) Woking Hockey Club
D) Woking Athletic Club
  • 17. What is the name of the theater in Woking that hosts various stage productions and performances?
A) The Grand Theatre
B) New Victoria Theatre
C) Woking Playhouse
D) The Phoenix Theatre
  • 18. Which famous British singer, known for hits like 'Rocket Man' and 'Your Song', has performed in Woking during his career?
A) George Michael
B) David Bowie
C) Elton John
D) Freddie Mercury
  • 19. What is the name of the popular leisure center in Woking that offers swimming, sports facilities, and fitness classes?
A) Woking Sports Complex
B) Woking Activities Center
C) Woking Leisure Centre
D) Woking Wellness Hub
  • 20. Woking is a town located in which country?
A) United States
B) United Kingdom
C) France
D) Canada
  • 21. Woking is home to the largest cemetery in the UK. What is it called?
A) Highgate Cemetery
B) Westminster Abbey
C) St. Paul's Cathedral
D) Brookwood Cemetery
  • 22. Woking is part of the Borough of which city in the UK?
A) Guildford
B) Bristol
C) Brighton
D) Leeds
  • 23. The Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking is the first purpose-built mosque in the UK. In which architectural style is it built?
A) Baroque
B) Indo-Saracenic
C) Gothic Revival
D) Art Deco
  • 24. Which British astronaut and former International Space Station crew member was born in Woking?
A) Al Worden
B) Tim Peake
C) Maggie Aderin-Pocock
D) Helen Sharman
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