Constructing Roads
  • 1. Constructing roads involves planning and designing the layout, acquiring necessary materials such as asphalt and concrete, leveling the ground, and carefully laying down the foundation. The process requires skilled workers such as engineers, surveyors, and construction crews who work together to ensure the road is built to the necessary specifications and standards. Factors like traffic flow, soil stability, and environmental impact must be considered during the construction process to create a durable and functional roadway that can withstand years of use. Proper maintenance and periodic repairs are also essential to keep the road in good condition for the safety and convenience of drivers and pedestrians.

    Which machine is commonly used for asphalt paving?
A) Excavator
B) Bulldozer
C) Asphalt paver
D) Skid steer loader
  • 2. What is the purpose of geotextiles in road construction?
A) To generate electricity
B) To provide soil stabilization and reinforcement
C) To display road signs
D) To control snow accumulation
  • 3. What is the primary purpose of road shoulders?
A) To plant trees
B) To install speed bumps
C) To place billboard advertisements
D) To provide a safe area for vehicles to pull over
  • 4. Why are drainage ditches important in road construction?
A) To create a water park
B) To slow down traffic
C) To start a fishing pond
D) To channel water away from the road surface
  • 5. Why are road signs important for traffic safety?
A) To increase noise pollution
B) To provide information and guidance to drivers
C) To confuse pedestrians
D) To obstruct the view
  • 6. What is the primary function of pavement markings?
A) To attract birds
B) To reduce friction
C) To provide guidance and information to drivers
D) To confuse pedestrians
  • 7. Which equipment is commonly used for asphalt compaction?
A) Drilling machine
B) Vibratory roller
C) Bulldozer
D) Dump truck
  • 8. How are reflective markers helpful on roads?
A) To distract drivers
B) To camouflage road hazards
C) To improve visibility in low-light conditions
D) To increase traffic congestion
  • 9. What is the purpose of road expansion joints?
A) To create obstacles for drivers
B) To attract wildlife
C) To allow for thermal expansion and contraction
D) To increase road width
  • 10. What is the function of manholes in road construction?
A) To create obstacles for vehicles
B) To provide access to underground utility lines
C) To conceal treasures
D) To grow plants
  • 11. Which equipment is commonly used for compacting soil in road construction?
A) Rollers
B) Dump trucks
C) Bulldozers
D) Excavators
  • 12. Which material is commonly used for road marking paint?
A) Oil
B) Thermoplastic
C) Chalk
D) Flour
  • 13. Which type of road intersection allows traffic to flow without stopping?
A) Traffic light intersection
B) Y-intersection
C) Roundabout
D) T-intersection
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