5th vocabulary 3th period
__1. blundersA. stupid mistakes
__2. civilizationB. the ways of living of a people or nation
__3. complexC. made up of a number of parts,hard to understand
__4. envyD. feeling of discontent,dislike or desire
__5. fleeingE. running away
__6. inspiredF. filled with thought or feeling, influence
__7. rustlingG. causing a light,soft sound of things gently rubbing together
__8. strategyH. the skillful planning and management of anything
__9. admiringlyA. to let, allow
__10. permitB. an evil, dishonorable person, villain, rascal
__11. scoundrelC. with wonder, pleasure and approval
__12. subjectD. a person under the power, control, or influence of another
__13. worthlessE. without value, good for nothing, useless
__14. achievedA. carried out to a successful end
__15. architectB. person who designs and makes plans for buildings
__16. bronzeC. a dark yellow-brown combination of copper and tin
__17. cannonD. a big gun, especially one that is mounted on a base of wheel
__18. depressedE. a person who wants and tries to get the same thing as anothe
__19. fashionedF. in the middle
__20. midstG. sad or gloomy
__21. philosopherH. made, shaped or done
__22. rivalI. logician, sophist, wise person
__23. erectA. parts on which the other part rest for support, bases
__24. foundationsB. put up, build
__25. moldC. a hollow shape in which anything is formed, cast or soldifi
__26. occasionD. a proper relation among parts
__27. proportionE. a special event
__28. tidyF. to put in order
__29. workshopG. space or building where work is done
__30. appreciateA. group of singers who sing together
__31. barberB. to thnik highly of, value, enjoy
__32. choirC. person whose business is cutting hair and shaving or trimmin
__33. releasedD. a person in his or her teens
__34. religiousE. devoted to religion
__35. slaveryF. to permit to be published, shown, sold, etc
__36. teenagerG. the condition of being owned by another person and being mad
__37. backgroundA. the part of a picture or scene toward the back
__38. landscapeB. a view of scenery on land
__39. miniatureC. smaller in size or scale than others of its type
__40. prehistoricD. of or belonging to periods before recorded history
__41. reassembledE. came or brought together again
__42. abdomenA. the part of the body containing the stomach, intestines and
__43. artificialB. made by human skill or labor, not natural
__44. gaitC. a manner of walking or running
__45. handicappedD. a chair on wheels, used by people who are sick or cannot wal
__46. therapistE. person who specializes in the treatment of diseases
__47. wheelchairF. having a physical or mental disability
__48. criticalA. being important to the outcome of a situation
__49. enablesB. a slimy substance produced in the nose and throat to moisten
__50. mucusC. gives ability, power or means to, makes able
__51. scarceD. to develop in a special way
__52. specializeE. free from germs
__53. sterileF. hard to get, rare
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