Social Studies 2nd 9 weeks exam
Why did Stone Age people practice
 slash-and-burn agriculture?
to fulfill spiritual beliefs
to make irrigation easier
to drive away wild animals
 to clear land for farming
Hammurabi's Code of ancient Mesopotamian 
society was important because it
explained how government officials were    chosen
established a single currency for use across    the empire
described how to perform formal religious    ceremonies
 listed the laws and the corresponding      punishments
Cuneiform and hieroglyphics were important
achievements in the development of
written language
religious beliefs
agricultural production
 representative government
Greece's mountainous terrain and its series of 
small islands influenced the ancient Greeks to
 a political system based on independent     city-states
a culture that was uniform throughout its
    vast empire
an economic system based on mining
    precious metals
a society completely isolated from 
    other civilizations
The quotation above illustrates the importance
ancient Athenians placed on individual 
participation in the
We regard an individual who takes no interest
in public affairs not as harmless but as useless.
                        -Pericles' Funeral Oration
religious rituals of the community
education of young children
 political process of the city-state
economic activities of the household
The legacy of ancient Greek myths and epics,
such as the Iliad, continues to provide people with
accurate descriptions of historical events
 heroic figures and great adventures
real life stories about everyday people
objective studies of ancient civilizations
atlas-a collection of maps
herculean-very powerful
labyrinth-a maze
olympian-majestic, honored
All of these words used in the English language
today originated in myths of the 
Which statement about the Hindu caste system in 
India is accurate?
Different castes shared the same rules for 
    governing their behavior
Foreigners were treated as members of the     lowest caste 
Castes were encouraged to interact with
    one another

People were required to stay in the same 
    caste to which they were born
Which individual was responsible for the Chinese
social movement described in the text box above?
-began in 500s b.c.
-hoped to preserve order in society
-attempted to establish a harmonious society
-created a system of ethics for society
Shi Huangdi
What effect did Julius Caesar's seizure of power
have on the Roman political system?
It secured the rights of the commoners 
    against the nobles
It allowed for control of the state by the
 It marked the transition from a republic
     to an empire
It standardized the system by which
    emperors were chosen
The origins of checks and balances in the US
political system can be traced to the 
French monarchy
 Roman Republic
Greek aristocracy
Aztec Empire
Which shows the importance the Mongols placed
on improving trade contacts with other
the conquest of Constantinople
 the establishment of caravan routes
the construction of large merchant fleets
the creation of a national currency
The examinations described above were necessary
for a position as a Chinese
Beginning with childhood, all of man's study is centered on one aim alone: to emerge successfullyfrom the three days' examinations, and all he hasin mind is what success can bring to him in termsof power, influence, and prestige.
silk merchant
government official
China's influence on Medieval Japan is
illustrated by Japan's development of

 a writing system
the samurai tradition
haiku poetry
a civil service exam
Endurance, cunning, physical strength, and
courage were the ideal characteristics of
Confucian officials
Buddhist priests
 Japanese samurai
Hindu governors
In medieval Europe, law and order were 
maintained by the 
During medieval times, which of these groups
was legally tied to the land?
parish priests
minor nobility
establishment of an absolute monarch in France
Church's expansion of influence in government
 evolution towards constitutional government 
     in England
conflict between the Pope and the Emperor
The timeline shows events related to the
yellow fever
 bubonic plague
The map above illustrates
 the spread of what disease?
The Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations each
powerful seafaring traditions
monotheistic religious systems
democratic governments
 complex architectural structures
The stories from Marco Polo's travels encouraged 
Europeans to
 journey to Asia in search of wealth
abandon the feudal land system
launch the Crusades against Muslims
isolate themselves from foreigners
◄Artist, architect, mathematician
◄studied anatomy to draw more reallistic human figures
◄painted a mural depicting the last supper
◄painted the portrait known as "Mona Lisa"
The information in th chart above best describes
which of these individuals of the Renaissance?
 da Vinci
The poems and plays of which person are 
representative of the English Renaissance?
Johann Gutenberg
 William Shakespeare
Dante Alighieri
Miguel de Cervantes
What was the Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834)?

the exchange of goods between Spain and    Central and South America
a system designed to establish new colonies    in the Americas
 the religious court established to find and     punish heretics
a military campaign to drive the Muslim
    armies out of Spain
The findings of Galileo and Newton were
significant because, from their time on, 
scientific thought was based upon
traditional ways of thinking
the ideas of the classic philosophers
the authority of the church
 observation and experimentation
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