• 1. ____is a basic fact that needs to undergo processing
A) information
B) data
C) output
D) input
  • 2. The methodology of converting data into information is
A) none of the option
B) data and information
C) decision making
D) data processing
  • 3. One of these is not data property
A) misuse
B) presentation
C) collection
D) accuracy
  • 4. In data processing, input activity involves
A) verification
B) all of the above
C) retrieving
D) collection
  • 5. Napier's bone had _______
A) 9 rods
B) 10 rods
C) 11 rods
D) 12 rods
  • 6. ______ was the first calculating device
A) Slide rule
B) Napier's Bone
C) Punched card
D) Abacus
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