Map Skills #3
  • 1. Another name for a map legend is a
A) publisher
B) scale
C) key
D) title
  • 2. A scale model of the Earth is a
A) political map
B) globe
C) map
D) sphere
  • 3. Something on a map that represents something on Earth is a
A) key
B) scale
C) symbol
D) legend
  • 4. 2 dimensional maps may be distorted because of
A) mercators
B) projections
C) scales
D) legends
  • 5. Latitude lines are
A) used to determine time zones
B) numbered up to 180 degrees
C) lines that run north and south
D) parallel to each other
  • 6. Longitude lines are
A) equal in distance to each other
B) parallel to the equator
C) lines that run east and west
D) known as meridians
  • 7. A map that shows man-made features is a
A) thematic map
B) Mercator map
C) political map
D) physical map
  • 8. Longitude lines are measure from
A) International Dateline
B) North Pole
C) Equator
D) Prime Meridian
  • 9. Geography is the study of
A) the Earth
B) the Earth and the people living on it
C) maps and globes
D) the Earth, moon, and sun
  • 10. A series of crisscrossing lines on a map, identified by numbers and letters is known as a
B) latitude and longitude
C) legend
D) grid
  • 11. One half of the Earth is known as a
A) hemisphere
B) geosphere
C) sphere
D) biosphere
  • 12. A direction indicator on a map showing the cardinal and intermediate directions is called a
A) directional spinner
B) compass rose
C) compass indicator
D) direction arrow
  • 13. Latitude and Longitude lines are measured in
A) kilometers
B) degrees
C) hours
D) miles
  • 14. A drawing of all or part of the earth on a flat surface is a
A) map
B) globe
C) chart
D) diagram
  • 15. The distance east or west of the Prime Meridian is shown by
A) longitude
B) latitude
C) parallels
D) great circles
  • 16. Which of these tells you the distance north or south of the Equator
A) International Dateline
B) longitude
C) meridians
D) latitude
  • 17. Which of these lines divide the Earth into the northern and southern hemisphere?
A) Tropic of Cancer
B) Equator
C) Prime Meridian
D) Tropic of Capricorn
  • 18. Which of these run north and south, form pole to pole?
A) latitude lines
B) parallels
C) projections
D) meridians
  • 19. What type of map would show land forms?
A) physical
B) thematic
C) political
D) specialty
  • 20. Which is NOT a land form?
A) river
B) boundary
C) butte
D) mountain
  • 21. A mapmaker is also called a
A) geographer
B) projector
C) cartographer
D) Mercator
  • 22. The largest ocean on the Earth is the
A) Atlantic
B) Pacific
C) Arctic
D) Indian
  • 23. The smallest continent on the Earth is
A) Europe
B) Antarctica
C) Australia
D) Asia
  • 24. Ratio and Proportions are used to form the map's
A) orientation
B) type
C) colors
D) scale
  • 25. Capital cities and country boundaries are shown on
A) relief maps
B) political maps
C) specialty maps
D) physical maps
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