6th Interventions Jackson
  • 1. What is an example of biomass energy?
A) A wood burning stove
B) A coal burning generator
C) An automobile that operates on fuel cells
D) A gasoline burning automobile
  • 2. Which of these is not currently a source of useable energy?
A) Heat from within the Earth's crust
B) Running water
C) The sun
D) The moon
  • 3. What is weather?
A) The speed of the wind
B) The state of the atmosphere at any particular time
C) The amount of moisture in the air
D) The number of clouds in the sky
  • 4. The sun's radiation is responsible for the Earth's ___________ ?
A) Magnetic Field
B) Atmosphere
C) Rotation
D) Temperature
  • 5. What is the relationship between the sun and life on Earth?
A) The sun protects life on Earth
B) The sun damages life on Earth
C) The sun causes plants to wither and die
D) The sun powers life on Earth
  • 6. What causes the seasons?
A) The Earth's rotation
B) Changes in the sun's intensity
C) The Earth's changing distance from the sun
D) The tilt of the Earth on it's axis
  • 7. Why does the moon appear to shine?
A) It reflects light from Earth
B) It reflects light from stars
C) It makes it's own light
D) Because it reflects sunlight
  • 8. What are the dark patches on the moon's surface?
A) High plateaus
B) Sunken plains, or seas
C) Deep craters
D) Mountains
  • 9. Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into _________ ?
A) Electricity
B) Light
C) Motion
D) Heat
  • 10. What two forces can turn fossils into fossil fuels?
A) Temperature and pressure
B) Wind and rain
C) Motion and time
D) Lift and thrust
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