Septimius Severus
  • 1. When did Septimius Severus become Roman Emperor?
A) 476 AD
B) 312 AD
C) 100 BC
D) 193 AD
  • 2. Which Roman emperor did Septimius Severus succeed?
A) Julius Caesar
B) Pertinax
C) Nero
D) Caligula
  • 3. Who was Septimius Severus' successor as Roman Emperor?
A) Marcus Aurelius
B) Constantine the Great
C) Titus
D) Caracalla
  • 4. In which series of wars did Septimius Severus expand the Roman Empire's borders?
A) Barbarian Wars
B) Gallic Wars
C) Parthian Wars
D) Punic Wars
  • 5. What was Septimius Severus' background before becoming emperor?
A) Merchant
B) Military
C) Politician
D) Priest
  • 6. Which famous Roman structure did Septimius Severus commission in Rome?
A) Aqueduct of Severus
B) Baths of Severus
C) Arch of Septimius Severus
D) Temple of Severus
  • 7. What was the nickname given to Septimius Severus by his soldiers?
A) The Wise
B) The Brave
C) Africanus
D) The Great
  • 8. During the reign of Septimius Severus, what was the currency of the Roman Empire?
A) Sestertius
B) Solidus
C) Drachma
D) Denarius
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