Spanish Texas
  • 1. What was the capital of Spanish Texas before it became part of Mexico?
A) San Antonio
B) Corpus Christi
C) Goliad
D) Laredo
  • 2. Which Native American tribe helped the Spanish establish missions in East Texas?
A) Apache
B) Comanche
C) Kiowa
D) Caddo
  • 3. What treaty ended the Mexican-American War and brought Texas into the United States?
A) Adams-Onis Treaty
B) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
C) Gadsden Purchase
D) Treaty of Velasco
  • 4. Which river forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico?
A) Rio Grande
B) Brazos River
C) Colorado River
D) Red River
  • 5. What was the name of the Spanish mission where the famous Battle of the Alamo took place?
A) Mission San Antonio de Valero
B) Mission San Juan Capistrano
C) Mission Santa Clara de Asis
D) Mission San Luis Rey
  • 6. What was the name of the final battle in the Texas Revolution that secured independence from Mexico?
A) Battle of Gonzales
B) Battle of the Alamo
C) Battle of San Jacinto
D) Battle of Goliad
  • 7. Who led the Mexican forces during the Battle of the Alamo?
A) Benito Juarez
B) Santa Anna
C) Maximilian I
D) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  • 8. What was the main industry in Spanish Texas?
A) Mining
B) Farming
C) Shipbuilding
D) Ranching
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