The Quirky Custom of Having Cheese Fondue Parties
  • 1. Which country is known for popularizing cheese fondue?
A) France
B) Switzerland
C) Italy
D) Germany
  • 2. What is a traditional beverage to enjoy with cheese fondue?
A) White wine
B) Orange juice
C) Cola
D) Coffee
  • 3. What utensil is commonly used to dip food into cheese fondue?
A) Spoon
B) Knife
C) Fondue fork
D) Chopsticks
  • 4. Which herb is commonly added to cheese fondue for flavor?
A) Basil
B) Nutmeg
C) Cinnamon
D) Oregano
  • 5. What kind of cheese is traditionally mixed with Gruy√®re in cheese fondue?
A) Emmental
B) Blue cheese
C) Parmesan
D) Goat cheese
  • 6. What is often used to prevent the cheese fondue from sticking to the pot?
A) Honey
B) Ketchup
C) Cornstarch
D) Butter
  • 7. Which of the following is a popular variation of cheese fondue made with beer?
A) Tea cheese fondue
B) Wine cheese fondue
C) Beer cheese fondue
D) Vodka cheese fondue
  • 8. What is the term for the tasty browned bits of cheese that stick to the pot in cheese fondue?
A) Golden Nuggets
B) Cheese Crisps
C) Fondue Rocks
D) La Religieuse
  • 9. Cheese fondue parties are often associated with which season?
A) Spring
B) Autumn
C) Winter
D) Summer
  • 10. What is the main reason for stirring the cheese fondue continuously while enjoying it?
A) To create air bubbles in the cheese
B) To cool down the cheese
C) To mix in new ingredients
D) To prevent the cheese from burning at the bottom of the pot
  • 11. What utensil is traditionally used to stir the cheese fondue while cooking?
A) Whisk
B) Wooden spoon
C) Metal fork
D) Plastic spatula
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